Friday, September 13, 2013

American Pi Opening a Second Location in Lebanon

Hi Readers!

I know... I'm really taking a break and re-evaluaiting what I want to do here on this blog, but something came across my desk today that I did want to share with you.

American Pi is a store in downtown Dayton that specializes in selling only American made products, such as clothing, jewelry, makeup, etc. I love the general message about bringing manufacturing back to the US and supporting both our local and national economy by paying attention to brands and where their product is made.

Fortunately, American Pi is opening a second location in Lebenan, OH. This is great for those of you who live south of Dayton. More importantly, I love to see this store expanding!

Here is the official press release information:
American Pi Opening Second Location in Lebanon, Ohio

Dayton, OH - September 12, 2013

American π (pi symbol), a gift and accessories boutique that specializes in items made in the U.S.A.; including apparel, handbags, greeting cards, accessories, personal care and gourmet food items. Since opening just over a year ago the store has seen phenomenal success. American Pi had started through the Activated Spaces program and just a couple months ago, in July, expanded in downtown Dayton to over 2000 square feet to accommodate American made apparel merchandise.

The family owned business had been very vocal about opening in other locations but never expect to so soon after the expansion. "An amazing opportunity was given to us," says Danielle Fritz, CEO of American Pi Dayton, Inc.  "A successful consignment boutique owner, Kelly Gabbard, was ready for the next chapter in her life.  While we were not actively looking for another location we could not pass up the opportunity to take over such an amazing space and a boutique with our same 'vibe'."  The second location for American Pi will be the former Kelly Lane Resale Boutique, 1875 sq ft, located at 748 E. Columbus Ave., Lebanon, Ohio 45036.

The stores passion for items being made in America will continue.  Some products will be exclusive to each location.  However, there are plans to keep many of the consigned Kelly Lane artisans at the Lebanon location, such as Serket Jewelry and Reclaimed Luxury. 

American Pi Lebanon will open to the public for business on October 8th, 2013 and there are plans for a grand opening party later in October.

American Pi Dayton is located at 41 S. Saint Clair St. in Merchants Row of downtown Dayton.

Check out American Pi Dayton and American Pi Lebanon on Facebook.

Image attribution belongs to American Pi Dayton.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Things Need to Change...

I know I haven't been posting a lot. You probably have noticed. And if you didn't, I don't blame you for not noticing. But I don't want to leave this blog severely unattended without giving any possible loyal readers out there an explanation. Here's why I have not been posting as much lately:
  1. I've compromised my beliefs - when I first began Pretty in Dayton I told myself I would never be one of those bloggers who bowed to the whims of the "free sample". And I've noticed, and I acknowledge, that I now tend to post most often things that were sent to me for review. I feel an obligation to post them. I don't feel an obligation to skew reviews in the product's favor (I never will) but to feel obligated to post  based on what I've been sent... I never wanted to feel that way. And I never wanted this to be THAT blog.
  2. I can't hang, part 1 - Two things happened in the last year that have tainted everything I do regarding this blog. One was THIS POST - I gave up my freedom of speech because I was jet lagged and wanted to enjoy my long deserved Italian vacation with my husband. I allowed myself to be bullied for stating my opinion (and my opinion alone). As a result I removed some gorgeous images of some truly wonderful makeup, hair, modeling, and yes even clothing design.
  3. I can't hang, part 2 - Around the same time I was ousted from a blogging roundup group for trying to make some organizational suggestions that the rest of the group. I pretty much flat out stopped trying after this. I don't know if they realized how this exclusion effected me. And of course it was my suggestion that I leave the group - I thought my absence would unruffled any feathers I had inadvertently ruffled. 
  4. I can't hang, part 3  - The negative comments get to me. I have a fragile self-esteem. If I were a bit stronger about it I would have been able handle point 2 above. But I'd be lying if I didn't take every negative anonymous comment left here personally.
  5. Blogging is Costly - There's a pressure to get the latest thing, more of everything, better things. I'm done with that pressure and so is my wallet. I'd rather put that cash to things that will be more meaningful to me, my family, and hopefully to whatever audience I end up having after this Blog. 
  6. Makeup and Nail Polish are NOT My Passions Anymore - While I still love pretty powders and lacquers, I can't remember the last time I really wanted to post a "Face of the Day" or a product review. I just want to enjoy what I have without it feeling like an obligation. I am so NOT "the swatch girl". When the enjoyment is gone it is time to stop. Really. And there are SO MANY other blogs out there that do this better than I.
  7. My Other Interests - If I were to write about anything, I'd want to write about my creative writing, my new sewing hobby, and probably the people I get to meet. Yes, some of that belongs here - but Pretty in Dayton will always feel "Makeup and Nail Polish" to me. If I am to write about the other things, maybe I should recreate myself as just "Styrch" and blog without the title.
 I guess this has been a long time coming considering most of the above is clouds from last year. But most importantly, I need to be happy. "Pretty in Dayton" no longer makes me happy. *sigh*

Good Stuff Coming... I hope.

As I wrap this up, put it on ice, or just tuck it away for a while I do intend to do some wrap up activities:

  1. My Facebook Page will remain Open!!! -  You will always be able to reach me.
  2. I will be doing some GIVEAWAYS!!!! - Remember when I said I didn't want to be "THAT blog" above that reviewed only the things I was sent? Well I have quite a few "free" things that I'd like to pass on to better homes. Keep and eye out on my Facebook Page
  3. I will let you know what I AM doing - When I have definitive future plans I'll post here so if you're interested you can look me up elsewhere.
Thank you for reading this and for understanding. There are many of you out there who I consider MY FRIENDS. Please keep in touch.


Monday, July 8, 2013

LUSH: Bringing A Little Beach To My Bathroom

LUSH Sea Vegetable Soap - provided by PR
Sometimes summer in Dayton, Ohio can be a little lacking... meaning I get envious of my friends posting about trips to the ocean. I can count the number of times I've smelled salt in the air on my hands, my only memories of enjoying drinks in the sand are from my honeymoon... And yes, I will admit to fear of the ocean due to being stung by a jellyfish as a child and a huge love of the movie Jaws.

But I love the salt in the air while listening to rolling waves and drinking a margarita.

In Ohio I can get the former from an app on my phone - the latter salty air has to come from something else.

Enter Lush Sea Vegetable Soap - $7.95

My Experience with Sea Vegetable

While this soap boasts moisturizing properties from sea weed and a salt crust, the biggest benefit I've had from using it is that the entire bathroom smells of limes and the sea! It's a wonderful smell! Margaritas on the beach in Ohio!!!

While there is a slight exfoliation benefit with the texture of the salt crust I do not feel this soap moisturizes any better than other soaps I've used. That's ok by me - I have body lotions for that. It does not dry me out - to be clear. That being said, I always feel clean and refreshed after using it (as one should with a soap).

I love Lush soaps and this one does not disappoint - I get a little taste if the ocean without the crazy shark or searing tentacles.

Bottom Line
If you want to splurge, this is a nice soap. Recommended also just for sent in your bathroom.

This product was provided by PR for review consideration.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

My mom is AWESOME!!!

She's selfless, enabling, kind, fun, creative, pragmatic, methodically ridiculous (seriously, she'll take right turns out of her way to avoid a left when driving), and absolutely everyone loves her.

She is the most hospitable person ever. I think she really missed her calling as a baker. She thrives in social situations, but rarely takes over. Her laugh and conversation gets louder the more excited she gets. She's opinionated, but listens. And she always likes to keep everyone in the loop about everyone else (without gossiping - just what's relevant and public) so everyone feels like they they know all of her family and friends instantly.

Did I mention she's super strong too? Woman lifts weights!!!

She'll hate that I used this image but it's what I had available. But pictures aside, she is by far the most beautiful woman I know.

I love you mom!!!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My latest fitness gadget obsession...

Yes, I am now down with the FitBit craze. Yes I got the FitBit One, not the new Flex. But hey, I needed something.

Why did I switch from BodyBugg?
  • I really didn't want to pay an additional fee to continue to use my product every half year.
  • New gadgets are FUN, old gadgets get boring.
  • After quite a long time I did get tired of saying "That thing on my arm is my BodyBugg. It records activity." at nearly every social function I went to. 
In short, it was getting old.

So now, as many months have gone by and my fitness is almost back to Ground 0 (like three years ago fitness), it's time to refocus myself once again on my goal to live a happy healthy life. Hopefully my FitBit will do it.

Bonus: It works with my preferred Calorie tracking app Lose It! Yay!!!!! (I hated the darn BodyBugg food tracker - ugh!)

I'm already hooked up on FitBit to several of my readers (though I think of them more as friends now). If you want to look me up, my username is Styrch. if you can't find me, then send me a message or reply to this post and let's get on this together!

Carry on. :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Punky Fun: Sienna Miller, January Jones, Cara Delevingne, and Ginnifer Goodwin

I got this little press release featuring Genevieve Jones Jewelry as worn by Sienna Miller, January Jones, Cara Delevingne and Ginniver Goodwin for the "PUNK: Chaos to Courture" exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 6th. I thought I'd show you the pictures.

See the punky ladies? Well, quasi punky ladies - I'm not sure I agree that spikes equal "Punk", though they are a component that can be used. Also noticing the black/white trend is in full effect here.

Here's the jewelery I'm supposed to tell you about via the email I received.

Genevieve Jones Clockwise from top left.
Jan Ear Cuff ($375) on Cara and January, Safety Pin Earrings ($1375) on Ginnifer,
Rya Opal Cone Earrings ($900) on January,
Teague Ear Cuff on Sienna ($900).
I wish they were cheaper because I'd jump right on board with that ear cuff Sienna is wearing. Oh well.

I do like the jewelry, but not the price. The ladies, I think, could have all been a bit more inspired. But Hey, I love some spikey fun on a Tuesday Morning. What do you think?

Images provided by PR.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

China Glaze Texture Collection - My Thoughts and Press Release

Warning! Press Release info coming through!!!


China Glaze® Introduces Texture: the Newest Technology in Nail Lacquer

Los Angeles (January 2013): China Glaze® introduces Texture, a unique new lacquer that applies as a crème but dries with a 3D texture effect. Unlike traditional nail art techniques that require multiple steps, Texture only requires one step—painting the nail.  Texture dries matte, but can be combined with China Glaze® Fast Forward Top Coat for a glossy effect. With a finish similar to that of a sugared rim, Texture is the perfect accessory for a beach day, night-on-the-town, or special rendezvous.  

In The Rough— light lime-green with textured grit

Itty, Bitty & Gritty— melon with textured grit

Of Coarse!— bright, cobalt-blue with textured grit

Unrefined— bright pink with textured grit

Bump & Grind— hot pinkish-red with textured grit

Toe-tally Textured— tangerine-orange with textured grit

The China Glaze® Texture collection will be available in May 2013 at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide
End Press Release.

My Thoughts
As you know, I've been a super big fan of other one-step textured nail polishes. So when I saw the following Press Release by China Glaze in my inbox I got interested. I'm not interested in the fact that they are doing this collection, but I'm interested because I want to see how they wear in comparison. I've been told I need to check out OPI's line of sandy textured polishes for the same reason.

I haven't done a lot of comparison lately, but with the incredible wear I got from the Zoya Pixie Dust colors I may indeed have to check these out and do a side by side comparison.

Your thoughts?