Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend Purchase - Ben-Amun Earings from Gilt

Since I can't fit into designer clothing, I'm going or designer accessories. I just purchased these lovely earrings off of Gilt and I can't wait to get them. They are a strange purchase for me, and not a very practical one. But they should be fun. I saw them and thought I have to have them just on the off chance that I should decide to go as Jem for Holloween.
If you aren't a member of Gilt, you are invited though me!

Zoya Exchange Program Extended Through April

How cool is Zoya? First they offer us a month and a half long exchange program where you can send them your old bottles and, for $3 a bottle, they will send you the same amount of bottles in Zoya colors of your choice. Then they realize that the program is so popular the decide to give us an extra two months to do it if we haven't already (or do it another time if we have)! It's a win-win situation. Zoya gets business, and we get cool colors for a discounted price. I love it. The only catch is that there's a 6 bottle minimum.

Even more fun is that they announced this extended program over Twitter. If you don't follow Zoya's Tweets I susggest you do so. Sometimes they post special offers there special for their followers. Hey, that actually makes Twitter useful!

For more information: Zoya Exchange Program

Friday, February 27, 2009

Deborah Lippmann Announces New Fall Color Marquee Moon!

From Deborah Lippmann's Blog

I'm all about Lippmann polishes right now. Deborah grabbed me with Good Girl Gone Bad this past holiday season and hasn't let go. On her blog, she recently posted some items from Fashion Week, one of which was a story about a custom color for Rodart. She describes it as a "metallic silver that contained sequined looking glitter." I am intrigued! Apparently, she's going to launch it as part of her fall collection. I can't wait! I have no idea what "sequined looking glitter" is, but hey... it sounds yummy!

MAC Sugarsweet Collection

Image from

This picture scares the b-jesus out of me! But that doesn't make the product pictures any less appealing. With an array of springy eyeshaodow, shadesticks, TWO nail polishes, lippies and a couple of Mineralize Skinfinishes I'm excited. I'm curious how the tri-color lipglosses will work out. Three of the eyeshadows are repromotes, so you may have them already. Personally, I have my eye on "Dear Cupcake" the pink eye shadow (I'm a sucker for pink eyeshadows). And the skinfinishes are always fun to check out, even if I don't end up purchasing one.

Why am I reminded of the Sweetie Cake collection when I see this? Is it just the name?

Please see Temptalia for more information.

Awesome Eye Shadow Tutorial over at KarlaSugar

I just wanted to let you all know, if you haven't seen KarlaSugar's latest post, you need to go take a look because it is an awesome tutorial on eye makeup. The type of look done there is one I've had difficulty with and could never figure out what I was doing wrong. In this tutorial, I found the instructions to be clear and the images to be very descriptive. So please check it out, I think it's worth a look.

Recue Beauty Lounge Spring Colors!

Just got an email from RBL - Spring colors are ready for pre-order! But you need the links sent in the email (which is why I'm putting them here for all of you who didn't get the email). To pre-order, click on the link or the image below. To see swatches, check out Scrangie and The Nailphile.


Look Rich, Be Cheap


I've heard quite a few people calling these polishes tacky, and not what they'd expect from Rescue Beauty Lounge. I have to agree, but at the same time even "tacky" can be fun. I have never been a huge fan of out-and-out chunky glitter in my polishes, but I have my eye on Frugalista. I personally don't own any RBL polishes, but I hear they are fantastic. Perhaps I'll purchase Bruised and Purple Haze while I'm picking this one up.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

HTF Week Continues: OPI La Boheme

First, I apologize for not getting a natural light picture. This was taken indoors without any special extra lighting or flash. Second I apologize for the horrible application - I think I'm so used to the OPI Pro-wide brush I can't apply with the old ones anymore.

La Boheme is my next polish for Hard to Find week. This was one of my first purchases once I began collecting OPI polishes. La Boheme was part of the Broadway collection, a Holiday collection from 2003. When I purchased it the polish was already a couple of years old. La Boheme has become one of the most sought after polishes and is consistently named on Favorite Polish Lists of people who collect.

The Color: La Boheme in the bottle is a red with flashes of orange, yellow, occasionally green. On the nail the glitter color is predominantly red or even pink. The glitter is very smooth, bordering on simply beign shimmer - there's just so much of it.

The Wear: This color goes on with 2 coats (one coat really won't cut it). It wears pretty well. The strage thing is that I can NEVER get a perfect application out of it, particularly now that I'm not used to this brush. Perhaps this is because I'm always so nervous applying it.

Bottom Line: If Black Tie Optional is my all time Favorite polish, La Boheme is the most special. If you can find it, snatch it up! Hoard it. Don't give it to anyone. Just love and adore it because it deserves to be cherished even long after other reds have stolen your heart.

Office Awesomeness - Reader Sumo 's Antik Jeans

A very good friend of mine wore her latest RueLaLa purchase to work today - Antik jeans! We're very fortunate to be working in an environment where we can wear such coolness to work. These jeans were so cool that I got her permission to share them with you.

Here they are from the Front:

And of course, the awesome pocket detail!

Thank you, my friend, for allowing me to share your butt with the world!

Vera Wang Lavender at RueLaLa Friday!

Just to let you know, Vera Wang Lavender goes on sale at RueLaLa Friday February 27th at 11:00 EST. I have a soft spot for Vera Wang since my wedding dress was by her. If you enjoy simple design focusing on feminine shapes and the use of awesome textiles, then I suggest you check it out.

You do need an invite to Ruelala. If you need one, let me know in comments and I'll be sure to get you one.

Gah! Zac Posen at Noon on Gilt!

Totally didn't realize this before, but if you have access to Gilt Zac Posen is going on sale today at noon. Big news, I think!

Polish Wheels: Blacks and Near-Blacks

I recently began creating polish wheels again. Part of this is an effort to keep track of what I have, part is also to weed out twins. It's also to remind me that no matter how many types o a color I have, most people will not notice a difference. Unless I really like it or I need the color for a specific purpose, do I really need another polish of X shade? My MUA companions would say "YES YOU DO!" but I am starting to question that approach to my collecting.

I took a picture of my black polish wheel. It's not great, but then again - the point of creating it was for me to see how little of a difference it makes to the naked eye to have all of these black-but-not-quites:

  1. MAC Nocturnelle (my only seriously true, untainted black)
  2. Chanel Black Satin
  3. Zoya Raven
  4. OPI Baby, It's Coal Outside
  5. MAC Nightfall
  6. OPI Lippmann Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  7. Zoya Freja
  8. OPI Brand New Skates
  9. OPI My Private Jet
  10. OPI Black Tie Optional
  11. OPI Have You Seen My Limo?
  12. OPI Midnight In Moscow
  13. China Glaze Lubu Heels
  14. Chinal Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong
  15. Creative Nail Design NFS
  16. OPI Light My Sapphire
  17. Nars Zulu
  18. Chanel Vendetta
  19. Finger Paints Summer Nights
  20. Sally Hansen Glossy

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Black Shoes Have Gone Aggro!

I received a notice in my email that according to Bergdorf Goodman, "The Aggressive Black Shoe" is IN for Spring. Two things about this struck me as funny: 1) Black shoes for spring? I always want to start wearing my cute lighter shoes in spring, and 2) Shoes being defined as "Aggressive".

Looking at Bergdorf's selection I'm guessing Aggressive means really really high heels and platforms. Thank goodness for that because if you have that high of a heel the platform often helps with comfort!

For those of you who like this trend but don't want to spend the money on Bergdorf's selection, you can always check out Zappos or, I kid you not, has a nice selection of reasonably priced shoes that fit the "Aggressive" description. Of course, these shoes... you can also where them when Pole Dancing (which is a wonderful fitness routine by the way).

Michelle Obama in Purple!

Picture from, Mark Wilson/Getty Images

I love purple. I also apparently love Michelle Obama in purple. Accoding to the dress Michelle Obama wore at last night's address was probably a Narcisco Rodriguez. I don't know which dress, so I can't link to it. But either way I loved it, even though it gapes a bit around her boobs as she waves. The color was fantastic!

If you were as enamoured of this purple lovliness as I was, I did a quick look around the internet for similar style dresses in case you feel like you want to copy this look. Ok, some of them aren't at all similar but you get the point.

I found this ADAM dress at Bluefly for $230. A little high, I think it matches most closely to the style and color out of what I could find. Fabric is obviously different.

So I looked for something a bit cheaper...

Design History Dress from Bluefly - this one doesn't have the sophistication of the Mrs. Obama dress, but the neckline is similar.

Yeah, at this point I just started pulling vaguely v-neck purple dresses...

This Calvin Klein Dress from Nordstroms is sort of the girlier version with the flaring skirt and the skinnier straps. At $148 on sale, I sort of love it. Too bad I can't fit into this or I would have picked up. Then my husband would have reminded me I have a purple dress from BananaRepublic that is similar.

And I didn't want to leave out those of us who are a leaning more toward the plus sizes:

This dress, also from Nordstroms, is by Donna Rico at the sale price of $168. It is also close to Michelle's dress in style, but fabric again is off as well as the color. I like the fact that the bodice is a bit more structured for those of us who need it. Personally, I like blue purples more than red purples anyway!

My Quest to be Pretty In Dayton - New Wednesday Weight Loss Check-ins

In my effort to "bring the pretty" to Dayton, I fully realize I need to bring the pretty to myself. As with many other individuals particularly in the Midwest region, part of my personal goal in that quest is to control my battle with the bulge. One way I'm going to keep myself in check is by remaining accountable for what I eat and my activity level.

In the past I tried the Jenny Craig diet. It helped me lose around 40 lbs before my wedding in 2004, then another 30 after I gained back most of what I lost. I did not develop good/healthy habits on this program that stuck with me. I may get desperate and go back to Jenny, but this time I want to try it on my own.

I don't want to focus on the past. I don't want to focus on the negative. I want to reinforce what I've done right over a week and what I can improve on for the next. Hopefully using this venue will help me develop those healthy/good habits.

So here's the format you will see during my weight loss quest:

Weight: 197 lbs (eeek!)

What I did right this week: I consistently chose vegetable side dishes at work during lunch instead of choosing fries, onion rings, or chips.

What I want to improve on next week: Fitting in activity time even when commitments occur during my usual time. This may mean staying later "at work" to take advantage of the gym, using my eliptical at home, changing my work out time to fit my schedule. The goal is 30 minutes of activity at least 5 days during the week.

The Ticker: You will also notice in the right side column of my blog a new Ticker. I'm trying to set mini goals for myself. I'm not overly religious, but I decided to use the Lent time frame as a way to motivate my exercise. Since I do roughly 2 miles on the eliptical each time I go to the gym, I decided that in the next 40 days I have to do 80 miles total on the eliptical. That means if I miss a day I have to somehow make it up. One more way I can keep myself accountable.

Join me if you like. Feel free to report YOUR personal progress in the comments. Link to your blog if you have one.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bobbi Brown's new Platinum Shimmer Brick

I just received an email from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics saying they have a new Platinum Collection. Awesome. I love Platinum. But then I saw the gimmick: The Platinum Shimmer Brick. Call me a skeptic, but do they really expect us to use this on our cheeks? Yes, eyes... maybe. But that didn't turn out so well when I had my Brownie Shimmerbrick.

Image from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

What do you think? Do you join me in my skepticism?

Hard To Find - OPI Black Tie Optional

This week on the MUA nailboard is "HTF Week" or "Hard to Find Week". For my participation, I chose to wear my absolute favorite polish of all time: OPI Black Tie Optional.

My BTO Story: Black Tie Optional and I have a history. It was one of my first OPI polishes that I purchased after discovering that I really loved nail polish. This was before the big "black craze" started by Chanel Black Satin. After trying BTO for the first time I was instantly let down. I HATED it. I thought it looked like garbage bags, or worse, Roach Wings. I dubbed it "Roach Tips". Several MUA Nailboard members advised me to hang onto it and try it again later. I am so glad that I listend to them. It quickly became my go-to polish when I wanted something dark and vampy.

The Color: This is a "Black but not quite" color. In the light it comes off as a purple, sometimes with a hint of bronzy warmth to it. Around the edges you can also get an extremly subtle hint of green (but only on the "good days" if you're looking right). Not a true duochrome, I have yet to actually find it's equal. When OPI released "Have You Seen My Limo?" many said it was BTO reborn, including myself. HYSML is a much less deep color, though you can tell that the two are made with a similar idea in mind.

The Wear: I've always had reasonable wear with this polish. That's one of the reasons it was one of my most used polishes (then I took it on a business trip where my first bottle leaded a good portion of it's contents - a lovely person sent me a backup). With the right base and top coat, you'll be fine.

Bottom Line: If you ever happen to see this rare beauty, snatch it up! If you hate it, you can send it to me.

MAC Cosmetics - Free Shipping Online

MAC is offering free shipping on ALL purchases from now until March 1. No code necessary. No doubt this is an effort to clear out some inventory before the launch of their Sugarsweet collection coming out coming out in early March (See Temptalia for more information). This way you can catch up on any Hello Kitty items you didn't want to purchase because you couldn't justify the shipping or, if you're like me, Cremeteam items you wanted but just didn't get into the store.

PinUp Girl Clothing Sale

For all of you retro gals out there, PinUp Girl Clothing is having a sale. 20% off, as I understand it. I've never really tried their clothing before, but I did order a wonderful pair of "stripper shoes" for a, uh... , dance class I took over at Kira's Oasis. Their custom clothing appears to cover a wide range of sizes, so you know I like that!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar - Lippmann Does Kate again!

Yeah, I know... the Oscar stuff keeps pouring in. But I love to pick my inspiration from somewhere.

Anyway, Deborah Lippmann stated in the Lippmann Collection Blog today that she styled Kate for her Oscar win with Baby Love, a pink color I happen to not own. Now I admit I had my eyes glued to the TV last night watching for Kate's mani color but I swear Baby Love didn't look that different from Rhapsody in White from far away.

Kate in Rhapsody in White

Kate in Prelude to a Kiss

Kate in Baby Love

Now I LOVE my nail polish collection. And I love variety. But seeing this makes me wonder if it's really worth it. Then again, there's nothing better than looking down at my nails and seeing the perfect color on them when I'm having a horribly bad day at work, you know?

Lippmann Collection - Rhapsody In White

In honor of the Oscars, I decided to take a cue from Kate Winslet and try Lippmann Rhapsody In White.

What's good: The color is quite stunning and elegant, I think. White is an unexpected twist, particularly for fancy events. Celebrities tend to wear neutral nails or vampy nails at award shows - I don't really qualify this as either vampy or neutral.

What's bad: Smooth your nails out before you put this on - this will show EVERY flaw. Application can be streaky with this frosty polish, that's one reason why I usually stay away from frosts. As you can see from my picture, this polish is not forgiving of mistakes or smoothing errors. Make sure your base coat is PERFECT.

The Wear: So far I'd say this wears pretty well.

Bottom Line: Recommended, if white's your thing. You can always Konad a design over it.

Sales This Week: Looks like Heaven, Feels like Hell

So this week, on Tuesday, Ruelala and Hautelook are going to kill me. This is liking having a sale day answering my prayers, but that I can't participate in (I'm still too large to fit into the largest sizes). But, for those of you who CAN take in this heavenly goodness:

For Tuesday...
Hautelook: 7 For All Man Kind (Women, Men and Kids)
Ruelala: Prada

And on Wednesday at Ruelala: Diane Von Furstenberg

Life is so cruel. Maybe I'll have to buy a DVF dress in the largest size as inspiration to continue in the gym. Dare I?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Pink: Oh Heidi...

Really? Pink? Twice in one week? Yes, the color does look great on you Heidi, but there's just SO MUCH of it. I will admit, I like it better in a dress than in a suit, but still. The only way I can justify it is if Victoria's Secret is giving you a kick back to publicize their Pink line.

I'm also a little perplexed as to how this dress makes your legs look short. Then again, it could just be the camera angle. I really hope that's it.

Oscar: Big Necklaces were in

At first I was a little thrown off by the giant jewelry. Then Jay Manual informed those of us at home that this year it's "all about the statement necklace". Well, I don't always take Mr. Jay that seriously, but there were some knockouts:

Amy Adams - This was my father's favorite. He absolutely loved it. If anyone out there knows where I can get a knockoff for my mom, please let me know.

And look at this gorgeous thing of beauty around Taraji P. Henson's neck:

(I have a friend who's getting married in a dress that's very similar to Taraji's and I advised her to go with understated jewelry - I may be taking that back because something chunky could look awesome as shown here).

Not as enamored of the necklace on Diane Lane here, but she's still one hot lady!

And here's another on Amanda Seyfried:

So what do you think? Do you like the "Statement Necklace"? I think I do, but I doubt my neck could pull it off. What say you?

Oscars: Angie Wore Color!

Too bad it's only on her ears...

Oscar Nails - What is Evan Rachel Wood Wearing?

Well I wanted to watch the Oscars for two things: The red carpet, and the Best Supporting Actor award. Since the latter isn't huge news (we all know who's going to win that very deserving statuette), I'll focus on the former:

One of my surprise favs of the evening: Evan Rachel Wood

I love the dress. Reminds me a bit of old school Hollywood glamor. But what hit me was not her dress, but her nails. There's this gorgeous vampy red on them! Fantastic! I'm all about the Vamps. So I asked the nail experts at MUA what they thought it might be. The answer I got was "Essie Wicked". I may be the only "nail person" on Earth who doesn't have this color. But I'm sure I have many that are similar.

I was also struck by another comment by an MUAer - "she always looks like she's trying too hard." As much as I love this look on Ms. Wood, I tend to agree. But I think it has more to do with the attitude than the actual dress, makeup, styling, etc.

Anthro Peasant Tops!

Anthropologie just decided to highlight peasant tops on their site. I'm overjoyed! While I still can't afford many of these I can at least live in peace knowing that if I buy the largest possible size in these items I can probably fit the girls into them. After all, most of Anthro's fitted tops don't account for a 38D.

I sort of love this wacky creature!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Project Runway Season 6 Finale Pics on Getty Images

Go to Getty Images. Search for "Project Runway". I kid you not - pictures from the Season 6 runway show from February 20, 2009. What the heck? Do we even know when it's supposed to air yet? The images are not all that exciting without knowing the contestants...

I absolutely MUST try to knock this off with my mad knittng skillz.

By the way... If I were the Fuggers at Go Fug Yourself I totally would fug Heidi:

That much pink should be illegal. Especially when it's that tight and shiny. I think I had those stretch pants back when I was six years old. Back in the '80s.

And Yahoo has pics too.

Trend Report: Bluefly Covers Fall Fashion Week Trends

I don't regularly follow Bluefly's "Flypaper" blog, but they had an article on Fall Fashion Week trends this year which I found interest. It's a little early for me to be thinking about what I want to be wearing next fall (because I hope to be about 50 lbs thinner) but given what Bluefly says the trends are, here are my thoughts:

  • Trend 1: The 80's - I'm all about the lime green furry coat Bluefly highlights. I even like the ruffly blouse. But I WILL NOT get behind shoulder pads if that's included in this trend. Shoulder pads, JUST SAY NO!
  • Trend 2: Statement Coats - Seriously, when is this NOT a fashion trend for fall? Don't we all want the perfect coat? The perfect coat is often like the perfect shoe or the perfect bag. Any of those can make you look or feel like a million bucks (even if you bought your perfect item at an Outlet or Target).
  • Trend 3: Vintage-Looking Accessories - I think this goes along with the statement coat. Something that's just classy.
  • Trend 4: Little Body Conscious Dresses - Ok, this is the one I (and many of us Dayton people) will have a problem with. Want to follow a pact with me to try to do our best to get ourselves in shape for this trend come fall and then ditch this trend when we can't meat our goals?
  • Trend 5: Ragamuffin Chic - Now this one is a nice tricky curve ball. It's deceptively simple (non-matching prints and textures). But how do you coordinate things that don't match? I'm excited for this one because I think it'll be a fun challenge to try. Not to mention cozy. My suggestion is to coordinate color, but then play around with texture and prints. And if you're on a budget this is probably the easiest trend to follow because you can think about what you already have and try to use it in a non-traditional way. Imagine the possibilities for sweaters...
So check out the article if you're interested in trends. I can't take credit, but I can certainly have an opinon.

Contest: MAC Hello Kitty

MAC is hosting a contest for their Hello Kitty Collection. No purchase necessary. Begin here!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Temptalia's Nars for Marc Jacobs report

Temptalia reported earlier today the looks Nars developed for Marc Jacobs for New York Fashion Week. I found these looks to be particularly fascinating. Since they are for Nars, you know they're going to be a little bit weird (at least I always found Nars to be a little weird). However, I could almost see pulling this one off in a toned down manner. I couldn't pull it off, but I know a few people who it would look quite striking on:

The yellow-green color for the eye highlight immediately reminds me of MAC Bitter (which I do not own simply because I would find very few uses for it but I do plan on picking up with the repromote of it with the MAC Colour Ready collection coming out in April (you can thank Specktra for that little bit). To get the black around the eyes THAT black I'd use MAC Carbon and Blackground paint pot. I can't tell from the picture but maybe they used some blue in there to add some dimension. I'd go for Contrast. I'd probably try Flirt & Tease blush (though it wouldn't be quite as plummy) for the cheeks and since I don't have Lip Erase I'd be hardpressed to be able to make my lips that matte and that nude.

Anyway, check out the other fun looks off of Temptalia's site. You'll be inspired!

Lippmann Collection - Bitches Brew

Yes! I finally have it! After several years of wanting this polish and not wanting to fork over $15 for a polish (don't ask me why - I've purchased Chanel for more money and less quality) I finally snagged it for $12 from Bath and Body Works.

The Color: This is by far one of the pretties reds I own. I expected it to be more brown based on other pictures I've seen. However, it really isn't anywhere close to brown.

The Application: This polish is like butter. I love it. The only complaint I have is on clean up. It tends to leave a lot of red staining around the nail tips. But you can easily scrub this off if you have to.

The Wear: Well, I'll let you know in a couple of days. But I'm expecting it'll be just fine.

On a side note, my nails are still peeling like crazy. I wish it would stop.

Stila Sale!

Hey, for all you Stila fans out there, they are having a 2 day sale. There looks like there could be a few really good deals on there. Get free shipping when you buy a set by using code: BIGBEAUTY

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I dream of shoes...Fluevogs!

I dreamed of these shoes last night. Well not these shoes specifically. Mostly I dreamed about going to a giant Fluevog store to try to hunt these down - I ended up trying on every other shoe instead.

I've become fascinated with red shoes. Last year, a colleague of mine from Amsterdam wore a simple pair of red pumps to a dinner with the team we both work for. I immediately commented on on how beautiful they were. She thanked me and promised to take me shoe shopping the next time I'm in Amsterdam. Sadly, no trips to the Land of Cheese and Windmills (and apparently really great shoes) was in store for me so I went to my local Macys and found a suitable pair of red pumps. Cheap ones. After only a month of wearing them they broke. So did an identical pair of black ones I purchased. The break was in an identical location

Curse you Style & Co.! Cute shoes should not break like that!

I need to start paying for something well made. Think the on sale 'Vogs would be worth it?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Falling down

Proof that even the beautiful sometimes aren't graceful:
Apparently this 15 year old polish model couldn't handle her heels at a Herve Leger show. Read more about it at Fashionologie.

Poor girl. But it makes me feel better about falling 10 times a day in those ill-advised (but incredibly comfortable) Nine West platform sandals I wore for most of the summer.

Lippmann Polish on sale at B&BW

Hi everyone. Bath and Body Works currently has Lippmann polishes on sale from $15 to $12 on their site (not sure if the deal extends to in stores). I am particularly excited about this because it gives me an opportunity to expand my Lippmann collection. I don't have many because of the $15. For me, that $3 off is a good enough incentive for me.

If you order 2 polishes, your price plus shipping will be about $2 over what you'd be paying if you picked up two regularly priced Lippmanns from a store. However, order 4 and it's like you got a whole bottle free. If you live in Dayton, Ohio and don't have access to a Nordstroms to purchase some Lippmanns, that's pretty nice.

Currently on sale:
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot - the only full sized Lippmann I own, and the best gunmetal gray I've ever seen.
  • Stop and Stare
  • Pump Up the Jam - I've heard this looks like black on the nails, so I passed. I'll probably regret passing because I love the black but not quite thing.
  • Rhapsody in White
  • Shut Up and Drive
  • Daytripper
  • Night & Day
  • Bitches Brew
While you're there, pick up the Party Like a Rockstar kit if you don't have it. It's awesome. I am completely in love with Good Girl Gone Bad and the top coat that comes with it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Craziest Sweater EVER!!!

So those of you who know me also know that I LOVE (but can not fit into) most of what Anthropologie sells. One of my reasons for loving Anthropologie is that among all of the prettys they carry in stock they also have some really crazy stuff! Anyone who says they love EVERYTHING Anthropologie has to offer is either lying or working for them, in my opinion.

Well, a while back, on this knitting site I belong to I posted a topic called the "Craziest Anthro Sweater Ever?" I was referring to The Creek and Cavern sweater they had for sale this past winter. From the front, one could argue it's just a bulky, probably very warm sweater. From the back... well as a friend of mine put it in regard to the model wearing it in the catalogue, "What is she tryng to do? Cover her scales???" As you can imagine, it sparked a lot of debate in the post I created.

At close to $400 I couldn't believe anyone would buy this. Yes, it went on sale for a mear $99...

Oh boy... you've got to see the back...

No, I did not buy the sweater. After months of debate about this sweater and staring at it obsessively online it began to actually look "normal" to me. I can see how some people would find this sweater appealing. I can also see why some people say it looks like a cave man carrying a bunch of carcasses over his shoulders. But I will say this - regardless of what YOU think, I firmly put this in the category of ART. And Art is subjective.

Foil Blues... my new love

I learned about NFu-Oh polish not too long ago. Thus far they are only available in the US via etailers, and the price is usually between $8 and $9 a bottle. That can get a little hefty when you want to purchase several colors. My first purchase was a modest three bottles. #69 was my first.

The Formula: The polish went on like butter. #69 has a foil finish and was practically a one coater.

The Wear: I wore this with OPI base coat and Seche Vita Top coat. So far, I haven't had any chips (other than my messy application). Believe it or not, that's a good 1 day record for me!

Comparison: I was asked how this compared to China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea. BIIT is much more of a lighter blue and it takes several coats to get to the opacity of #69.

Nfu-oh #69 on the left, China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea on the right.

Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog. For the past few years my friends and co-workers have been telling me I need to start a blog due to my obsessive love of Makeup, Nail polish, and Fashion. This is my attempt at getting that started. Enjoy