Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Black Shoes Have Gone Aggro!

I received a notice in my email that according to Bergdorf Goodman, "The Aggressive Black Shoe" is IN for Spring. Two things about this struck me as funny: 1) Black shoes for spring? I always want to start wearing my cute lighter shoes in spring, and 2) Shoes being defined as "Aggressive".

Looking at Bergdorf's selection I'm guessing Aggressive means really really high heels and platforms. Thank goodness for that because if you have that high of a heel the platform often helps with comfort!

For those of you who like this trend but don't want to spend the money on Bergdorf's selection, you can always check out Zappos or, I kid you not, has a nice selection of reasonably priced shoes that fit the "Aggressive" description. Of course, these shoes... you can also where them when Pole Dancing (which is a wonderful fitness routine by the way).