Monday, February 16, 2009

The Craziest Sweater EVER!!!

So those of you who know me also know that I LOVE (but can not fit into) most of what Anthropologie sells. One of my reasons for loving Anthropologie is that among all of the prettys they carry in stock they also have some really crazy stuff! Anyone who says they love EVERYTHING Anthropologie has to offer is either lying or working for them, in my opinion.

Well, a while back, on this knitting site I belong to I posted a topic called the "Craziest Anthro Sweater Ever?" I was referring to The Creek and Cavern sweater they had for sale this past winter. From the front, one could argue it's just a bulky, probably very warm sweater. From the back... well as a friend of mine put it in regard to the model wearing it in the catalogue, "What is she tryng to do? Cover her scales???" As you can imagine, it sparked a lot of debate in the post I created.

At close to $400 I couldn't believe anyone would buy this. Yes, it went on sale for a mear $99...

Oh boy... you've got to see the back...

No, I did not buy the sweater. After months of debate about this sweater and staring at it obsessively online it began to actually look "normal" to me. I can see how some people would find this sweater appealing. I can also see why some people say it looks like a cave man carrying a bunch of carcasses over his shoulders. But I will say this - regardless of what YOU think, I firmly put this in the category of ART. And Art is subjective.