Monday, February 16, 2009

Foil Blues... my new love

I learned about NFu-Oh polish not too long ago. Thus far they are only available in the US via etailers, and the price is usually between $8 and $9 a bottle. That can get a little hefty when you want to purchase several colors. My first purchase was a modest three bottles. #69 was my first.

The Formula: The polish went on like butter. #69 has a foil finish and was practically a one coater.

The Wear: I wore this with OPI base coat and Seche Vita Top coat. So far, I haven't had any chips (other than my messy application). Believe it or not, that's a good 1 day record for me!

Comparison: I was asked how this compared to China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea. BIIT is much more of a lighter blue and it takes several coats to get to the opacity of #69.

Nfu-oh #69 on the left, China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea on the right.