Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hard To Find - OPI Black Tie Optional

This week on the MUA nailboard is "HTF Week" or "Hard to Find Week". For my participation, I chose to wear my absolute favorite polish of all time: OPI Black Tie Optional.

My BTO Story: Black Tie Optional and I have a history. It was one of my first OPI polishes that I purchased after discovering that I really loved nail polish. This was before the big "black craze" started by Chanel Black Satin. After trying BTO for the first time I was instantly let down. I HATED it. I thought it looked like garbage bags, or worse, Roach Wings. I dubbed it "Roach Tips". Several MUA Nailboard members advised me to hang onto it and try it again later. I am so glad that I listend to them. It quickly became my go-to polish when I wanted something dark and vampy.

The Color: This is a "Black but not quite" color. In the light it comes off as a purple, sometimes with a hint of bronzy warmth to it. Around the edges you can also get an extremly subtle hint of green (but only on the "good days" if you're looking right). Not a true duochrome, I have yet to actually find it's equal. When OPI released "Have You Seen My Limo?" many said it was BTO reborn, including myself. HYSML is a much less deep color, though you can tell that the two are made with a similar idea in mind.

The Wear: I've always had reasonable wear with this polish. That's one of the reasons it was one of my most used polishes (then I took it on a business trip where my first bottle leaded a good portion of it's contents - a lovely person sent me a backup). With the right base and top coat, you'll be fine.

Bottom Line: If you ever happen to see this rare beauty, snatch it up! If you hate it, you can send it to me.