Thursday, February 26, 2009

HTF Week Continues: OPI La Boheme

First, I apologize for not getting a natural light picture. This was taken indoors without any special extra lighting or flash. Second I apologize for the horrible application - I think I'm so used to the OPI Pro-wide brush I can't apply with the old ones anymore.

La Boheme is my next polish for Hard to Find week. This was one of my first purchases once I began collecting OPI polishes. La Boheme was part of the Broadway collection, a Holiday collection from 2003. When I purchased it the polish was already a couple of years old. La Boheme has become one of the most sought after polishes and is consistently named on Favorite Polish Lists of people who collect.

The Color: La Boheme in the bottle is a red with flashes of orange, yellow, occasionally green. On the nail the glitter color is predominantly red or even pink. The glitter is very smooth, bordering on simply beign shimmer - there's just so much of it.

The Wear: This color goes on with 2 coats (one coat really won't cut it). It wears pretty well. The strage thing is that I can NEVER get a perfect application out of it, particularly now that I'm not used to this brush. Perhaps this is because I'm always so nervous applying it.

Bottom Line: If Black Tie Optional is my all time Favorite polish, La Boheme is the most special. If you can find it, snatch it up! Hoard it. Don't give it to anyone. Just love and adore it because it deserves to be cherished even long after other reds have stolen your heart.