Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I dream of shoes...Fluevogs!

I dreamed of these shoes last night. Well not these shoes specifically. Mostly I dreamed about going to a giant Fluevog store to try to hunt these down - I ended up trying on every other shoe instead.

I've become fascinated with red shoes. Last year, a colleague of mine from Amsterdam wore a simple pair of red pumps to a dinner with the team we both work for. I immediately commented on on how beautiful they were. She thanked me and promised to take me shoe shopping the next time I'm in Amsterdam. Sadly, no trips to the Land of Cheese and Windmills (and apparently really great shoes) was in store for me so I went to my local Macys and found a suitable pair of red pumps. Cheap ones. After only a month of wearing them they broke. So did an identical pair of black ones I purchased. The break was in an identical location

Curse you Style & Co.! Cute shoes should not break like that!

I need to start paying for something well made. Think the on sale 'Vogs would be worth it?