Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lippmann Polish on sale at B&BW

Hi everyone. Bath and Body Works currently has Lippmann polishes on sale from $15 to $12 on their site (not sure if the deal extends to in stores). I am particularly excited about this because it gives me an opportunity to expand my Lippmann collection. I don't have many because of the $15. For me, that $3 off is a good enough incentive for me.

If you order 2 polishes, your price plus shipping will be about $2 over what you'd be paying if you picked up two regularly priced Lippmanns from a store. However, order 4 and it's like you got a whole bottle free. If you live in Dayton, Ohio and don't have access to a Nordstroms to purchase some Lippmanns, that's pretty nice.

Currently on sale:
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot - the only full sized Lippmann I own, and the best gunmetal gray I've ever seen.
  • Stop and Stare
  • Pump Up the Jam - I've heard this looks like black on the nails, so I passed. I'll probably regret passing because I love the black but not quite thing.
  • Rhapsody in White
  • Shut Up and Drive
  • Daytripper
  • Night & Day
  • Bitches Brew
While you're there, pick up the Party Like a Rockstar kit if you don't have it. It's awesome. I am completely in love with Good Girl Gone Bad and the top coat that comes with it.