Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Michelle Obama in Purple!

Picture from, Mark Wilson/Getty Images

I love purple. I also apparently love Michelle Obama in purple. Accoding to the dress Michelle Obama wore at last night's address was probably a Narcisco Rodriguez. I don't know which dress, so I can't link to it. But either way I loved it, even though it gapes a bit around her boobs as she waves. The color was fantastic!

If you were as enamoured of this purple lovliness as I was, I did a quick look around the internet for similar style dresses in case you feel like you want to copy this look. Ok, some of them aren't at all similar but you get the point.

I found this ADAM dress at Bluefly for $230. A little high, I think it matches most closely to the style and color out of what I could find. Fabric is obviously different.

So I looked for something a bit cheaper...

Design History Dress from Bluefly - this one doesn't have the sophistication of the Mrs. Obama dress, but the neckline is similar.

Yeah, at this point I just started pulling vaguely v-neck purple dresses...

This Calvin Klein Dress from Nordstroms is sort of the girlier version with the flaring skirt and the skinnier straps. At $148 on sale, I sort of love it. Too bad I can't fit into this or I would have picked up. Then my husband would have reminded me I have a purple dress from BananaRepublic that is similar.

And I didn't want to leave out those of us who are a leaning more toward the plus sizes:

This dress, also from Nordstroms, is by Donna Rico at the sale price of $168. It is also close to Michelle's dress in style, but fabric again is off as well as the color. I like the fact that the bodice is a bit more structured for those of us who need it. Personally, I like blue purples more than red purples anyway!