Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Nails - What is Evan Rachel Wood Wearing?

Well I wanted to watch the Oscars for two things: The red carpet, and the Best Supporting Actor award. Since the latter isn't huge news (we all know who's going to win that very deserving statuette), I'll focus on the former:

One of my surprise favs of the evening: Evan Rachel Wood

I love the dress. Reminds me a bit of old school Hollywood glamor. But what hit me was not her dress, but her nails. There's this gorgeous vampy red on them! Fantastic! I'm all about the Vamps. So I asked the nail experts at MUA what they thought it might be. The answer I got was "Essie Wicked". I may be the only "nail person" on Earth who doesn't have this color. But I'm sure I have many that are similar.

I was also struck by another comment by an MUAer - "she always looks like she's trying too hard." As much as I love this look on Ms. Wood, I tend to agree. But I think it has more to do with the attitude than the actual dress, makeup, styling, etc.