Thursday, February 26, 2009

Polish Wheels: Blacks and Near-Blacks

I recently began creating polish wheels again. Part of this is an effort to keep track of what I have, part is also to weed out twins. It's also to remind me that no matter how many types o a color I have, most people will not notice a difference. Unless I really like it or I need the color for a specific purpose, do I really need another polish of X shade? My MUA companions would say "YES YOU DO!" but I am starting to question that approach to my collecting.

I took a picture of my black polish wheel. It's not great, but then again - the point of creating it was for me to see how little of a difference it makes to the naked eye to have all of these black-but-not-quites:

  1. MAC Nocturnelle (my only seriously true, untainted black)
  2. Chanel Black Satin
  3. Zoya Raven
  4. OPI Baby, It's Coal Outside
  5. MAC Nightfall
  6. OPI Lippmann Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  7. Zoya Freja
  8. OPI Brand New Skates
  9. OPI My Private Jet
  10. OPI Black Tie Optional
  11. OPI Have You Seen My Limo?
  12. OPI Midnight In Moscow
  13. China Glaze Lubu Heels
  14. Chinal Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong
  15. Creative Nail Design NFS
  16. OPI Light My Sapphire
  17. Nars Zulu
  18. Chanel Vendetta
  19. Finger Paints Summer Nights
  20. Sally Hansen Glossy