Thursday, February 19, 2009

Temptalia's Nars for Marc Jacobs report

Temptalia reported earlier today the looks Nars developed for Marc Jacobs for New York Fashion Week. I found these looks to be particularly fascinating. Since they are for Nars, you know they're going to be a little bit weird (at least I always found Nars to be a little weird). However, I could almost see pulling this one off in a toned down manner. I couldn't pull it off, but I know a few people who it would look quite striking on:

The yellow-green color for the eye highlight immediately reminds me of MAC Bitter (which I do not own simply because I would find very few uses for it but I do plan on picking up with the repromote of it with the MAC Colour Ready collection coming out in April (you can thank Specktra for that little bit). To get the black around the eyes THAT black I'd use MAC Carbon and Blackground paint pot. I can't tell from the picture but maybe they used some blue in there to add some dimension. I'd go for Contrast. I'd probably try Flirt & Tease blush (though it wouldn't be quite as plummy) for the cheeks and since I don't have Lip Erase I'd be hardpressed to be able to make my lips that matte and that nude.

Anyway, check out the other fun looks off of Temptalia's site. You'll be inspired!