Friday, February 20, 2009

Trend Report: Bluefly Covers Fall Fashion Week Trends

I don't regularly follow Bluefly's "Flypaper" blog, but they had an article on Fall Fashion Week trends this year which I found interest. It's a little early for me to be thinking about what I want to be wearing next fall (because I hope to be about 50 lbs thinner) but given what Bluefly says the trends are, here are my thoughts:

  • Trend 1: The 80's - I'm all about the lime green furry coat Bluefly highlights. I even like the ruffly blouse. But I WILL NOT get behind shoulder pads if that's included in this trend. Shoulder pads, JUST SAY NO!
  • Trend 2: Statement Coats - Seriously, when is this NOT a fashion trend for fall? Don't we all want the perfect coat? The perfect coat is often like the perfect shoe or the perfect bag. Any of those can make you look or feel like a million bucks (even if you bought your perfect item at an Outlet or Target).
  • Trend 3: Vintage-Looking Accessories - I think this goes along with the statement coat. Something that's just classy.
  • Trend 4: Little Body Conscious Dresses - Ok, this is the one I (and many of us Dayton people) will have a problem with. Want to follow a pact with me to try to do our best to get ourselves in shape for this trend come fall and then ditch this trend when we can't meat our goals?
  • Trend 5: Ragamuffin Chic - Now this one is a nice tricky curve ball. It's deceptively simple (non-matching prints and textures). But how do you coordinate things that don't match? I'm excited for this one because I think it'll be a fun challenge to try. Not to mention cozy. My suggestion is to coordinate color, but then play around with texture and prints. And if you're on a budget this is probably the easiest trend to follow because you can think about what you already have and try to use it in a non-traditional way. Imagine the possibilities for sweaters...
So check out the article if you're interested in trends. I can't take credit, but I can certainly have an opinon.