Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No April Fools Joke - Paige Jeans on Sale on RueLaLa tomorrow!

Denim lovers, Paige Premium Denim will be on sale on Rue-la-la tomorrow, April 1. Sale starts at 11:00 AM EDT.

Let me know if you need an invite. I'll hook you up!

My First Designer Purchase Was Donna Karan

Gilt Group last week had a sale on Donna Karan. This sparked up some memories of my first ever designer purchase because my first purchase was Donna Karan. Oddly, Gilt had a dress for sale that looked nearly identical to the one I purchased back in 2002:

Donna Karan on Gilt

The hem is a little longer on this dress, and the material flows a bit more. But other than that it is virtually identical to what I picked up for under $200 on Bluefly.com back in 2002.

The story was that I needed a dress for interviewing and funerals. Several of my relatives were elderly and I needed something just in case. I was also getting ready to job hunt as I was finishing up grad school. It was also the beginning of my weight issues, I was about a size 10 at the time and having issues understanding what looked good on my body.

Being too self-conscious to go to the store to look for clothing I discovered Bluefly. Of course, most of the items I liked would never fit me but there was a size 10 black dress that looked like it might be conservative enough to look elegant at a funeral - wasn't so sure about interviewing. I bought it.

The dress arrived. The length was ok, but the drop waist was a little strange on me. The fit was so different from anything I'd ever worn before. The dress felt large in some areas and not large enough in others. My impression was "wow, designer dresses are just funky!" Yes, some of them really do fit funky. The drop waist ensured that this was one of them. My hips at the time were not large enough to fill it out properly. I only wore the dress once, maybe twice. It got relegated to the back of my closet - the "only pull out in case of emergencies" dress.

Several years later...

2005 - a long comes Hurricane Katrina. Sure enough requests went out all over the place for items, including clothing. At my work we had an internal system where you could advertise for items for specific people. Low and behold, there was a woman about my age at a size 10 in need of professional clothing. I had a ton of clothing in a variety of sizes because I had gone several times between a size 8 and a size 14 between 2003 and 2005. I unloaded half my closet to this person, including the Donna Karan dress. I didn't claim it on my taxes - I was not really sure how. I just knew I had "a lot" and this poor young woman had "a little". I wanted to help. I was so proud to give that dress away.

I have no idea if the dress was ever useful to the you woman, but I'm happy it went to someone in need. I never heard what happened to her but every now and then I daydream about her opening that package of clothing and finding a "designer dress" in there. I hope she knew Donna Karan - I certainly didn't at the time of my purchase or my donation. It was just my "weird designer dress from Bluefly".

Do you have a first designer dress story? Please share.

Look - American Idol Megan Corkey Inspired Eyes

I'm only watching American Idol because I'm in a pool at work. Really.

The lovely, but strange, Megan Corkey

While the rest of America was looking at Megan Corkey's boobs two weeks ago on American Idol, I was looking at her eyes:

Closeup of Megan Corkey's Eyes

How cool are those eyes?!? I didn't care to much for her singing, but I just loved this eye makeup! So of course I had to figure out how I could recreate this look but something I could wear everyday in the office. This also gave me a chance to play around with my MAC Pigment set I bought at Christmas. I love pigments because (aside from being pigmented) they are also very shimmery. So here's what I came up with:

Outdoor Lighting

Indoor with Flash

This one got a little sloppy with the pigment fallout. I cleaned it up as much as I could but you see the evidence in the pictures. I'm also totally lazy and don't like taking more than 10 minutes on my makeup. Still, I had fun planning this.

The Breakdown

  • MAC Indianwood Paintpot - used as base
  • MAC Melon Pigment - entire lid
  • MAC Firespot Eyeshadow (LE) - Used in outer corner and crease
  • MAC Clare de Lune Eyeshadow (LE) - Used in inner corner and brow highlight
  • MAC Gold Dusk Pigment (LE?) - Applied with wet brush around inner lash line and under eye
  • Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation in Albatre
  • Chanel Poudre Douce Powder in Almonde
  • MAC Petticoat Mineralize SkinFinish - a little bit of Grand Duo blush on the brush because I got lazy and didn't wash my brush - shame on me!
  • MAC Tartlette Lipglass
Yes ultimately what I came up with was MUCH more boring than what Megan Corkey was wearing (on her FACE), but I had a lot of fun playing around with this one. Honestly, Firespot eyeshadow is one of my favorites and I wish MAC would make that perminant too.

Maybe the outdoor picture is better?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Aromaleigh Cosmetics Coupon for You Mineral Lovers

Got this in my email from Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics:
If you spend $35 or up, you can treat yourself to 25% OFF with coupon code APRIL25 (this is your pre-shipping and tax total).
If you spend less than $35, then you can receive 15% OFF your order with coupon code APRIL 15. (there is no purchase amount for this coupon other than our regular $10 minimum).
And don't forget you can get a jump on your Holloween Costume if you're planning on going as a Sparkly Vampire!

Coach - Are you digging the new Bonnie Line?

New Bonnie Line at Coach

I have a canvas tote from Coach that I love. It's black with a turquoise inside. Very plain but cool and extremely useful. The new Bonnie tote has a very interesting design. I'm sure it's just as useful as my plain canvas tote, but I am sort of curious about the attached change purse. Would that be helpful or not? And while I can respect the playful "fashion" drawings, I don't like the style of the art. Women with disproportionate necks and lips that look like mustaches are NOT for me.

Are they for you?

What about one with a woman looking like the Grinch?

Pretty sure I won't be getting one of these.

Wedding Help - Blue Dresses For Kara

I have a very good friend who's getting married. She's a reader of this blog named Kara. Kara has been a good friend of mine since grad school. She was a maid of honor in my wedding, and now we also work together.

When Kara stood up in my wedding, I tried to make the dress shopping easy: I chose a line of dresses, chose a color, and told all the girls they could chose whatever they wanted (style was up to them). Poor Kara ordered her dress according to what the salon people wanted her to order and it came in too small. She was able to get it let out, but it ruined the wedding for her. She looked spectacular by the way, but I don't think she ever really realized this because she hated the dress due to the problems. I think we both thought this would be the last of her problems with dresses and weddings. We were wrong.

Kara's dress for her wedding just arrived and guess what - it's too small. Once again, she ordered the size recommended by the bridal salon according to her measurements and once again something wasn't right. Because all her measurements matched up to the original measurements taken the bridal salon is ordering her another dress. But just in case Kara is hunting for a back up dress. I offered to scout out options for her.

Normally, I love white or off-white for weddings, but Kara needs some fun with huge nightmare. Kara LOVES the color Blue. So I poked around in Bluefly's Wedding Shop for blue. Kara's olive skin tone looks amazing in jewel tones so I pulled a few ideas for her.

Kara, enjoy! This one's for you:

Tadashi Priced at $315

The Tadashi reminds me of a different dress Kara was considering. I think the bodice work will hide too much of her beautiful figure, but it's also a style I know she likes. She's a small girl - I don't want the dress to overwhelm her.

Betsey Johnson priced at $192

Nanette Lapore Priced At $297

Tocca Priced at $192
By the way Kara, this one would be great for your reception with the possibility of reuse.

Regardless of what happens, I know Kara's going to be ok. I hope she gets the wedding dress she ordered in time because it really did look fabulous on her when she tried it on. But just in case, I'm hear for you girl!

Nail of the Day - Zoya Juno

Rainy day - forced to take picture indoors. Sadly, indoors every purple bottle pic comes out looking like Chanel Vendetta even thought it's not. Anyway, Juno was another one of my untrides. She's so new to my collection she's not yet on my purple wheel.

The Color: Juno is an interesting color. The bottle looks more of a blue purple, but it goes on the nail differently. Also in the bottle, it almost looks like a duochrome, but don't be fooled - she's a flat color. If you're looking for a duochrome check out Zoya Ki instead (a.k.a Revlon Khaki Zing). But make not mistake - Juno is an electric purple with more of a red base than a blue one.

The Formula - This zoya can get a little streaky because it's a straight up metallic in the chrome - frosty sense.

The Wear - fine. Fights a bit with Seche Vite so expect some tip shrinkage if you don't wrap the tip. Sadly, my nails are just too short to do that right now.

The Bottom Line - With all the purples coming out right now, Juno may not be the most unique. But if you're planning on overloading on purples (like me) she's a good one to have.

You can purchase Juno from Zoya.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Online Shopping Club Strategies

In the last couple of months since my friends and I have been introduced to shopping clubs online like Ruelala, Gilt Group, and Hautelook I've noticed we've begun developing strategies for getting the best deal. Most of these will probably be pretty self-evident but I thought I would post them in case anyone out there might benefit.

What is a shopping club? Only the best thing to happen to the internet EVER! Think, designer clothing/makeup/jewelry at WAY discounted prices. You usually have to be referred to shop at these clubs, you get referrals through friends or people you know online (or blogs you read). Sales are fast - they change daily and you rarely know what exactly will be contained in a sale before it begins. Sometimes some clubs will give you a "preview" but you can't count on those previews to be exactly what will be offered in the sale.

Without further ado...

Shopping Club Strategies - by Sarah, Kara, and Sumo

  1. Know Your Measurements - if you're used to vanity sizing (like sizes at The Gap) designer sizes can throw you for a loop. Do NOT think that just because you're a "size 6" you will actually BE a size 6. Yes, this is a scary thing to consider but do it anyway! No one likes to know their measurements but a smart shopper has to.
  2. Check Brand-Specific Size Charts - Some shopping clubs like Rue La La will have these easily accessible. Others will not. Gilt Group displays a size chart that tells you how US sizes relate to UK sizes, but not which measurements are which sizes. You may have to do some legwork on Google to find size charts of designers but it'll be worth it. If you can not find a designer’s brand specific site, check department stores like Nordstroms.
  3. Research Brands Ahead Of Time - If you can, look up opinions on the designer ahead of time. Do their sizes usually run small? Are their shoes usually comfortable? Is the quality good or will it fall apart? Sadly, that is sometimes a factor even in designer clothing. Shoes, by the way, are the easiest items to find information about. Look at reviews on Zappos if you have to. Sometimes you can even call a store that sells the brand and they will tell you.
  4. Check The Fibers - The title of the item may say "Cashmere Sweater", the price may be great, but the actual fiber content may not be a high percentage of Cashmere. Are you really getting a good deal? Does the type of fabric even matter if you like the design?
  5. Get to the Sale Early - Seconds can matter, particularly on big names. Some sites you'll have to get to earlier than others. Ruelala, for example, usually has the best prices so if their sale starts at 11 am Eastern, you want to be online on their site the second the sale opens. Some sales will sell out faster than you think. The extreme sizes (0, 2, 12, 14) sell out fast. Just ask me about the size 14 Badgley Mischka's that sold out on me while I was hesitating.
  6. If You LOVE It - Don't Think, Just Buy - An ugly truth: some sites don't reserve something for you just because you put it in your shopping cart. That means that people can "steal" it out from under you. If it's ever happened to you, you know how frustrating it can get. Have your shipping and credit card info saved on the site so you can just buy. Dangerous thought, I know. If you want, just erase that info off the site after you place your order. This is a problem on very popular Ruelala sales.
  7. Know the Return Policy - Sales sometimes have their own return policy, rather than just a general site return policy. If purchasing beauty products, you may not have the option of returning. Know if your return date is from the date of sale, date of shipment, date of delivery, etc. Know if you'll get credit or a refund (usually credit). If the return policy is not to your liking, you might be better off shopping a different sale. Tip: if you can't return it, you can try selling it on eBay.
  8. Know Your Limit - You can go overboard with deals. Try to set a limit on how much you will spend on an item in a particular sale and stick to it. If your budget is "no more than $200 on a dress" and you open that Zac Posen sale and find everything to be $500 and up, either close the page or browse for the fun of it but don't even think about placing the item in your cart.
  9. Mind Your Shopping Cart - Good shopping etiquette: If you're not going to buy it, don't place it in your cart. This goes double for sites that do reserve your item for a period of time. You'll save someone else the hassle of hitting refresh for 15 minutes hoping the item appears available again (a big annoyance on Hautelook in particular).
  10. Know What Looks Good On You - If there are styles that you know are flattering, look for those silhouettes. When speed is necessary, use this as a heuristic for finding what you'll like. If you don't know, go buy Tim Gunn's book. It's a really nice guide.
  11. Know Your Style - It's hard to resist really awesome sales. It's a bit like reverse sticker shock sometimes when you realize you CAN buy that pair of shoes. But think about if what you're buying is something you will actually wear, get use out of, and love. Know what you wear all the time, know what you're comfortable in. Those are the items you will come back to wearing time and again.
  12. Know Your Current Wardrobe - What do you have? What do you need? Is what you're buying going to fit in with what you have? Is it going to accentuate what you have? Or will you never wear it because it doesn't go with what you have?
  13. Instant Messaging Is Your Friend - Most of us have friends we love to run things by. Instant Messaging is quick. Send links to your buddies to check your potential purchases if there is time. Listen to them - chances are they have a better idea what looks good on you than you do. They will save you from countless bad purchases. But this works both ways - sometimes your friends can convince you to buy things that just won't work.
  14. If You're Not Sure About It - For Frak's sake, don't buy it! There will be more things at a later date, chances are better things! This also goes for if you're purchasing something to fit into it later. By the time you can fit into it, chances are you won't want to wear it or you will want something new.
  15. Don't Be Selfish - Shopping Clubs are a great place to pick up gifts, whether they are bags, jewelry, scarves, makeup, or whatever. I often see things for other people, especially men so know your man's measurements!
  16. Share the Love - Refer your friends and family. If they purchase, often you'll get a little kick back for referring them (like $10 -$25 off your next purchase depending on the club). That can mean that you only pay for shipping, if you have enough credit built up. Also check your referrals - if the club isn't crediting them right, let them know!
Shopping Clubs to Join - If you want an invite, just ask me. I'll give you one.
Gilt Group
Beyond the Rack

Experience - Dress Shopping for the Larger Sizes

"I don't get it. You have a good sense of style but there's nothing for you." - Sumo

Recently, Elder-Beerman concluded their Good Will Sale. Reader, friend and shopping partner Sumo and I decided to check out the goods on the last day of the sale. Right off the bat, I purchased to Perfumes: Dolce & Gabbana The One (LOVE but it's almost too light) and Stella McCartney Stella (I found out later I was allergic and had to return it). Sumo also purchased Chanel Coco Madomoiselle so the evening wasn't a total loss... but I get ahead of myself.

I have a wedding to attend next month for a friend of my husband's who stood up in our wedding. I don't have a thing to wear that would be appropriate for such a joyous occasion. Since we had plenty of 20% off coupons Sumo and I started browsing dresses. First of all, there were lots of really ugly dresses. This season's color palette as stocked in Elder-Beerman is depressing. Not many brights, lots of browns and greens (but not pretty browns and greens), some ugly orange-reds (which I can't stand). Funny 70's inspired patterns. It quickly turned into a game of "Which dress comes in a size 16 or maybe a 14?" Sometimes, when you're desperate, that's all you can do - hunt for your size.

There wasn't much to choose from. Basically my choices were wear hideous bathrobe imitations, mumu pup tents or look like a "Stepford Wife", as Sumo put it. Only two dresses ended up actually fitting and looking somewhat decent but neither were winners in my eyes. So we left and headed over to Macys.

And in the Dayton Mall, let me tell you - the difference between walking through Elder-Beerman's drab, dull, worn out store and going into Macys is astounding. It's like Macys is a shining becon of hope in comparison.

At Macys, we avoided the MAC Cosmetics counter at my insistance because I'd already made two purchase that week and just couldn't forgive myself for spending more on MAC without coming home with a dress. So we oogled the extremely short but fun juniors selection (the types of dresses my husband still insists he wants to see me in that would be completely inappropriate for someone who's in their 30s let alone a size 16) before moving on to more suitable hunting grounds. We found the same Jessica Howard dress style at Macys as at Elder-Beerman but the prints were so much better! That still didn't change the fact that I had no hope of fitting into their size 14. So we continued wandering.

We went around the store until we came upon I.N.C. I tried on a couple of XL dresses that we ended up not considering because they were just too casual. Defeated we left Macys.

As we wandered back to Elder-Beerman and our car we ended up passing Lane Bryant. Before this night I had never set foot in that store. As I told Sumo, it would be like "admitting defeat". Well, defeated I was so in we went. Every dress I tried on there fit or was too big (as Size 14 in a Plus size store is VERY different from a size 14 in a department store - it's like they expect you to have watermelons attached to your chest). Every dress came down to around my mid calf - the exact place you don't want dresses to hit you unless you're 80 years old or you want your legs to look like tree trunks. For example, the dress on the right was one I tried. I'm short- it doesn't fit me right. Plus it just reminded me of old women's clothing (with a slightly sexier top). The fabric was sort of icky. It wasn't as bad as the first dress I tried on though - they don't even have that on their website. There weren't many dresses to choose from and the ones they had I did't like. So again, we left defeated.

On the way back to the car, I remarked to Sumo that now she had experienced what it was like to be a larger girl shopping for clothing - not much fits and what does fit is just not pretty. It's hard to feel good about how you look when you're faced with these choices. Sumo responded that she felt sorry for me. I told her not to feel sorry for me, that I got myself into this mess and I'm going to get myself out of it. Feeling sorry isn't going to help me do that.

But to all the designers out there, I wish you'd start paying more attention to how women's bodies carry weight. We don't grow linearly, so quit making your designs size up in a linear fashion. And we larger women are worthy of having beautiful clothing too. Quit thinking that you only have to design for those who are 40 and up - some of us exist who are younger than that. I am not my mother (and my mother dresses better than the options you are currently providing).

And yes, I fully realize that I have not tried every dress out there - I know there is some fabulously larger clothing options. I just don't know where to find them. But occasionally I will see people wearing them.

So this trip was an astounding failure. But at least I got one good perfume out of it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sephora Beauty Insiders - Free Tarte Eye Liner

Pretty cool deal, if you're a Sephora Beauty Insider, use code TARTE at check out and they'll give you a black Tarte eyeliner free with any "Natural" purchase.

Looking for something Natural to try? I recommend checking out Boscia if you're looking for skincare at all.

Pretty Outside My House

"Pretty" isn't always personal beauty. The sun was shining briefly today and I thought I'd share the pretty around my house:

I hope you're having a happy weekend, readers!

My Favorite Eye Shadow Combo - MAC Gleam, Expensive Pink, and Trax

MAC Gleam - I use this color over the entire lid
MAC Expensive Pink - Outer 3rd of the eye, and into the crease.
MAC Trax - Very outer corner and a little bit into the crease.

My favorite eye shadow combination utilizes three MAC eye shadows. Ironically, these are often three shadows I see a lot of people complaining about on Makeup Alley. Maybe I don't understand the frustration because these also happened to be three of my first MAC eyeshadow purchases. For a long time this was my go-to combo for well over my first year of MAC makeup addiction.

Thoughts about these shadows:
  • Trax - Velvet. I've heard complaints about people trying to use Trax, that people don't like it because it makes their eye look bruised. I think this is a gorgeous color, but you have to use it almost sparingly, or rather strategically. Don't give up on Trax!
  • Expensive Pink - Veluxe Pearl. This is the first single shadow I ever purchased from MAC. It gives a LOT of color, a peachy pink, with a bit of gold. I like to soften it with Gleam. If you want a lighter version, go for the Limited Edition French Cuff color put forth with Brunette Blond Redhead collection back in January. The color is still available.
  • Gleam - Lustre. Lustres get a lot of bad word of mouth because they are chunky and not very pigmented. You can get fallout from these too, which can be annoying. That being said, some of them produce nice washes. I think Gleam is one of those. It has a finish that I can only describe as "mystical". It has become one of my favorite peachy color.
I know this is a really messy picture, but that's because I was making it up as fast as I could before I left for work. That and my browse need some work. I do hope it alleviates any fear of these three colors because they are quite gorgeous in conjunction with each other as well as separate.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Face of the Day - Fun with Purples

I'm super happy with this eyeshadow combo. Finally I have a subtle purple selection that I can wear to work and not feel too crazy.

I should also say something about MAC Shore Leave - I'm in love with this shadow. It makes a fantastic highlight and a great wash. Sometimes I just wear it by itself when I'm feeling particularly lazy and need to get to work on time. It just brightens me up and makes it look like I did a little bit of work. I wish they'd make this one permanent. Of course I say that about most of what I buy.


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Shore Leave (LE) - Veluxe Pearl, inner third and brow highlight
  • MAC Illegal Cargo (LE) - Frost, outer 2/3 of lid
  • MAC Thunder (LE) - Frost, crease
  • MAC Fab Orchid (LE) - Dual Edge eye liner (only used Fab Orchid side)
  • MAC Plushblack Plushlash Mascara
  • Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation in Albatre
  • Chanel Poudre Douce Powder in Almonde
  • MAC Grand Duo blush - both halves mixed together.

  • MAC Dervish Lip Liner
  • MAC Bombshell Lipstick - my favorite pink, by the way.
Sorry my skin's freaking out a bit in the skin picture. I'm definitely a human with imperfect skin rather than an enviable alien.

Neiman Marcus Highlights Up And Coming Designers

Just something I thought was pretty cool. Needless Markup sent around an email with a link to "emerging talent" collections on their site. Ok. Sure. What I thought what I thought was particularly interesting was one of their highlighted designers was What Comes Around Goes Around who was featured in Ruelala's Final Sale yesterday.

Needless Markup displayed many of WCAGA's peasant style tops:

What Comes Around Goes Around Trillium Top and Neiman Marcus

Rue-la-la's selection was quite different:

What Comes Around Goes Around "Stacy" Mini Dress at Ruelala

How very different these are from each other! I'm getting curious.

The Ruelala sale is still in progress (and will be for 3 more days) and much of WCAGA's items are still available in smaller sizes if you are interested.

Smashbox Sale on Gilt Today!

Smashbox Sale on Gilt today. Sale starts at Noon EDT.

Get invited through me.

Nail of the Day - Lippmann Hit Me With Your Best Shot

This is such a great polish you get two pictures:

Easily in my Top Ten, HMWYBS is such a comfortable color. It's a black but not quite, leaning toward gunmetal (of course). It looks chic, touch, effortless (if you have great nails, which mine aren't), and much like my cat taking a nap - it won't move once it's set down. Awesome. A+, Deborah!

The Color: Gunmetal gray slashed through with multicolor micro glitter. The glitter is so small you can't see it unless it's up close and the light is shining just right. But it's enough for to know the color isn't flat and to give the color a little extra kick in the shine department (Chanel - you need to take some notes here because Vendetta could have used some of this magic).

The Formula: Opaque in 2 coats. I don't like the handle on the Lippmann brush, but for whatever reason I get a better application with fewer mistakes. Maybe it's because I think this polish is so special.

The Wear: Like iron.

The Bottom Line: If you own only one dark gray polish, make it this one. I got it in a swap, but I'd gladly fork over the cash. I would also keep this polish over all of my blacks or almost blacks except maybe OPI Black Tie Optional (a.k.a roach tips). That's saying something!

Get it with the 25% off deal!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Fluevog Saga - They're MINE, Baby!!!

Look who's wearing Audrey 07s in Cherry!

Yeah, that's right! ME! They're freaking uncomfortable, but I got 'em, my DREAM SHOES! Now if only I could walk in them...

Here they are from the back:

I'm working on the cankles, ok? Give it time...

I've had my Cherry red Audrey 07s for a couple weeks now but this is the first time I've worn them all day. They're giving me blisters in some areas but every new pair of shoes does that to me. I walk slower than a sloth (got passed going DOWN the stairwell for crying out loud) but they're red and gorgeous and I love them! I swear, I will be walking fierce in these one day. Just might not be any time soon.

So very Jessica Rabbit.

Face of the Day - MAC Aquavert eyes and Grand Duo blush

I can't believe I'm learning ways to wear colors like MAC Aquavert without looking too crazy!

My MAC shipment came in and I wanted to try my new Cakeshop Shadestick and my Grand Duo blush. So I cooked this up.

By the way - I'm learning no matter how much you tweeze your browse, they always look a million times worse in pictures up close.
That, and it always looks like I'm not wearing foundation. Pictures are just not kind!


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Cakeshop Shadestick - Used as base
  • MAC Aquavert Eyeshadow - Entire lid
  • MAC Moth Brown Eyeshadow - Best eyeshadow ever! Used this in the crease and the corner. They really should make this permanent -I haven't seen it's equal.
  • MAC Goldbit - highlight.
  • MAC Steelpoint - liner
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara
  • Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation in Albatre
  • Chanel Poudre Douce Powder in Almonde
  • MAC Grand Duo blush - both halves mixed together. This is a little more color than I'm used to but I like it.
  • Mac Of Corsett! Lipglass - I reach for this quite a bit. It's a good nude color. I wish it would return.

By the way, it's true what the reviews have said. The Shadestick (at least Cakeshop) is softer than previous shadesticks. It still isn't creamy, but it doesn't tug at your eyes as much. Staying power is phenomenal! I swatched it on my hand yesterday and it survived 2 hours of dress shopping and then another 4 hours of hanging around my house. Good stuff!

Lippmann Collection Sale!

Scrangie just reported that Lippmann Collection is having a 25% off $75 sale for the next three days. Use code: 0309madness

I'm totally in love with Lippmann right now so this couldn't have come at a better time! I very much recommend:

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - my favorite gunmetal (I'm wearing it today)
Bitches Brew
Party Like a Rockstar Kit - Good Girl Gone Bad is to die for.

"Window" shopping - Beth Bowley on Ruelala

Beth Bowley was on Ruelala this week (dress from her Spring 2009 collection)

Am I totally crazy for loving this dress? Sumo thinks so - she doesn't like how the big bow in the front blocks the pattern. I think the whole thing is adorable and wished I fit into it so I could have purchased it for the wedding I have to attend next month. At this rate I'm afraid I'm going to be going nekked and no one wants to see that!

Nails of the Day - Nfu-Oh #52

The Nfu-Oh craze hit the MUA Nail Board pretty hard. Most of the hype was because of the bottle design and these "flakies". I have to say, this was one of the most problematic polishes I have ever tried to apply.

The Color: This polish actually has a red-purple base, with green flakies in it. As you apply it the darker it gets until it's more of a "blurple" color. I used 3 coats for this color - I think it's prettier than the sheer layers. I like the color - it looks almost duo-chrome from far away when you can't see the detail of the flakes.

The Formula: Jelly with flakes in it. I sort of hated it this time. It was runny and the brush that comes with it doesn't help (it's totally round and small) because it's hard to control how much polish is on it. It's hard to get the flakies evenly placed too. And cleanup was a nightmare. I reapplied this three times.

The Wear: Even after my Seche Vite fast-drying top coat, and an hour of waiting I still eneded up getting smudges and mess ups. Not happy. But it's been fine after lasting overnight.

The Bottom Line: Unless you really love flakies, I'd avoid them. Probably best to wear as a layer over other colors rather than by themselves. I prefer Nfu-Oh's foil polishes.

Nfu-Oh polishes are not currently available in the US other than online. They can be found at FabulouStreet. Check out their amazing selection.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rulelala Final Sale - up to 75% off! Tomorrow!

Shopping club Ruelala is having a final sale March 26-March 30th. Over 30 brands up to 75% off. We suspect this is leftovers from other sales but you never know. Should be good savings!

On Twitter, Ruelala updated that they are including Ali Ro, Cole Haan, Hale Bob, te casan, Max Mara. That does suggest that it's leftovers, but you never know.

Let me know if you need an invite to Ruelala in the comments below!!

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Jenny Craig called me again this week offering a special to me as one of their old members. I'm tempted to take them up on it because it HAS worked for me in the past. But there are several reasons why I am hesitant:
  1. On this program I haven't develop healthy habits to keep the weight off.
  2. My husband is a fantastic cook and it makes him unhappy to cool for only himself
  3. Some of Jenny's food is really good, but you do get tired of your favorites after a while.
  4. The Consultants - they are not usually all that helpful, and although I was told when I first joined that every consultant had been on the program before, this is actually a bit of an equivocation: They are required to try the program for a week or two, but are not required to continue on it or really BE on it. Most of the people in my local center, from what I've heard, do not have weight problems.
  5. Both times I have used Jenny Craig to lose a significant amount of weight I've gotten very sick ending in surgeries. This is highly coincidental, but it still has me a little nervous.
That being said, it has still been successful in that I've lost a LOT of weight with Jenny before. Twice. More than 40 lbs total both times. What should I do? I could use advice.

193 - down 2 lbs this week. Yay!

What I did right this week: Honestly, I'm a little down on myself this week so I don't know what I did right. I do know that I at least kept up the exercise.

What I want to improve on next week: My attitude needs an adjustment. I'm getting discouraged. I can't let that continue.

The Tickers:

Free Shipping at Chanel From Now until March 29th

Chanel is offering free shipping on makeup if you use code 0309TIPS at checkout..

Nail of the Day - Zoya Roxy

When I ordered Zoya Roxy through the Zoya Exchange I was looking for a more easily accessible dupe for Lippmann Collection's Good Girl Gone Bad. I did not find a dupe. But I did find an exceptionally interesting polish.

The Color: Roxy's base is a raspberry-wine color. Mixed in it has fuchsia glitter. I'm happy to say the glitter looks larger in the bottle than it does on the fingers. The combination of the base and the glitter gives this polish a lot of depth, which I'm sorry to say did not show through on this picture.

The Formula: The application was a little streaky. It took some nails 3 coats to make the polish look even. The base sometimes doesn't look even, sometimes the glitter can look sparse. In the end I just did my best. By the way, it should come as no surprise - this is a pain in the a$$ to remove.

The Wear: I'll admit it - after a day of wear I have a few chips. But I think that has to do with my ever peeling nails and less to do with this polish.

The Bottom Line: If you love glitters go for it. If you don't - don't be scared (I was). Roxy is a damn sexy lady.

You can purchase Roxy from Zoya.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What do you do when you can't "invest in quality"?

Be forewarned, this is a bit of a rant.

I was reading a recent Flypaper post that discussed Michelle Obama "re-purposing" her clothing. Flypaper thought this was a very cool thing for the first lady to do because it's just like us (though admittedly I have a problem wearing dresses more than once, though sometimes this has to do with weight issues). If she wore these more than once she must like them and they must be of good quality right? As most Flypaper articles do, this turned into an advertisement for all the wonderful clothing on Bluefly - Flypaper is their blog after all. Their point - you can buy high quality expensive designers on Bluefly at 40% off, therefore we should do just that.

But what if you can't afford to invest in quality (or maybe I should say Bluefly)?

Those Jimmy Choos they are selling (and are of course referring to) still cost around $600. And while the blog says that you can shop designer at 40% off every day that doesn't mean everything Even at 40% off that price would still be high for most of us. Add that too to the idea that for many of us, those shoes aren't even practical. Try as I might I can't get my balance in 4 inch heels - and try I really do! So would I really wear those more than once? Because apparently Flypaper calls it re-purposing when Michelle Obama wears that pair of shoes, that twinset, that skirt twice. Twice worn does not a favorite pair of shoes make!

So what do you do?

If you're like me you sign longingly at what you can not afford and then go back to the same, " lower quality" clothing and shoe lines that you can just get by with. For me that means The Gap and Nine West. Usually I go back there to replace what wore out from several months ago, or replacing what I gave away to a friend because I can no longer fit into. It's a vicious cycle. I would bet I am not alone. And maybe Flypaper has a point. With the money I spend on Gap Jeans replacing them all the time, would I actually save money by buying a pair of True Religions (hypothetically - I can't fit into True Religions)?

Weight issues aside, would I really stop spending as much because my clothing lasted longer if I purchased from Bluefly? Probably not - habits are hard to break and I like to shop.

Me, I would rather know what pair of shoes Mrs. Obama is wearing when she's not being photographed, when she's just walking around being Michelle - the pair of shoes that she wears more than twice. I suspect those are the higher value because it isn't a pair of green Jimmy Choos.

By all means, Jimmy prove me wrong and send me a pair. I dare ya.

NOTD - MAC Peppermint Patti

You all are probably sick of this one by now if you're reading a lot of polish blogs - but this review is MINE! :) I probably should have skipped it given the amount of problems I had with this post (sorry to all of you subscribed via RSS).

I originally passed on Peppermint Patty from the MAC Sugarsweet collection. Then in a fit of make-up-aholism this weekend I managed to grab it at the Cincinnati MAC store. The first told me it was sold out but another SA went back and found one for me. This one is selling fast! You know it's already sold out online, I'm sure. But hunt around. It can still be found.

I can honestly say I don't own a single color like Peppermint Patty. I also did not think I'd like this color. Mint green usually reminds me of hospital (scrubs in particular) and I can't shake that association. Thus I was very surprised when I painted this on my nails and realized I liked it.

The Color: The color is like Tiffany blue if Tiffany blue were green. I'd love to see this swatched next to China Glaze For Audrey. The color is definitely not blue, but just by a touch. No shimmer in this one folks - it's a straight up cream finish.

The Formula: Went on a little streaky honestly, and I had Seche Vite shrinkage more than I have on the other polishes I've worn recently. But it goes opaque in 2 coats. It's also the first cream polish I've had that sort of settles itself out to NOT being streaky once that second coat is put on.

The Wear: MAC Polishes historically haven't worn the greatest on me. This was really very good! I used Sally Hansen Miracle Cure and Orly Bonder as bases, Seche Vite as top coat.

The Bottom Line: Since Chanel debued a mint green polish on the runway recently (AllLacqueredUp's got the news) I suspect you'll see a few more like this out there in the near future. If you can, pick this one up because it'll be cheaper than the 'It' Color you know Chanel will make. And I actually got a compliment on it from a guy at work so you know it can't be THAT bad.

Monday, March 23, 2009

MAC Sugarsweet Inspired Face of the Day

I really liked this face of the day so I thought I would share it with you. Please keep in mind - I'm taking my own pictures without a tripod or any good lighting.

I was particularly proud of my eyes today:

In the Morning Sun

In the Car

Face in the Car

Love my double chin today?

The Breakdown

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Aquavert Eyeshadow (LE)
  • MAC In Living Pink Eyeshadow (LE)
  • MAC Stars 'n' Rockets Eyeshadow
  • MAC Goldbit Eyeshadow (LE)
  • MAC Steelpoint Technicoal Eyeliner
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara
  • Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation in Albatre
  • Chanel Poudre Douce Powder in Almonde
  • MAC Blush in Stray Rose (LE)
  • MAC Prep + Prime Lip
  • MAC Lollipop Lovin' Lipstick (LE)
  • MAC Heartfelt Pink lipglass (LE)

Reminder - Elder Beerman Goodwill Sale ends tomorrow!

Just a friendly reminder. Take your donations to your local Elder Beerman for a discount on your purchases.

Statement Necklaces - Kenneth Jay Lane on Gilt

For those of you following the "Statement Necklaces" trend from this year's Oscars, Gilt is having a sale on Kenneth Jay Lane today. Here are some of the necklaces for sale:

All images from Gilt group

This one was actually Called "Statement Necklace"

Something Quirky for you

Something chunky

Something colorful

Need an Invitation? I invite you to Gilt!