Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aromaleigh: Now You Too Can Be a Sparkly Vampire!

Now I've never tried Aromaleigh cosmetics, but I know people who swear by this mineral line. I get their newsletter because I made a purchase for a friend. Usually these end up getting deleted. But then I saw their Twilight Supernatural Face and Body Powders and paused on hitting that delete key:

Image from Aromaleigh

You can't tell me they didn't do this on purpose to cash in on the popularity of the Twilight movie and books. Especially when the last one is called "Twilight Dazzle". Bella's always talking about how Edward "dazzles her", and then there's the whole glittery vampire thing. The tagline for this product on their website just cements this in my head: "Craving a Supernatural gleam in the sunlight?" They even talk about achieving that "diamond effect you've read about" in their product description. All while never mentioning the words "Edward", "Bella", or "Stephanie Meyer" (though they did in their email).

Now for those of you who are actually interested in this (and I'll admit - I'm tempted just to see if it does what they say) Aromaleigh does offer samples. You can go to their website and exclusively purchase shadows if you want. I've heard that's enough for their eyeshadows.