Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ask Deborah: Wow, she actually responded! That's so cool!

As I was browsing the Lippmann Collection website the other day I happened to click onto Deborah's Guide to Beautiful Nails. The page consists of a chart of nail problems and solutions Deborah offers in her line of nail products that are supposed to help those problems. This type of chart, laid out step by step, is a very cool thing. What wasn't so cool was that no where does she give a definition of what each type of problem actually is. As a person with peeling nails, what am I supposed to think when I see two categories: Dry Peeling Nails and Hard Peeling Nails?

My fellow MUAers were equally confused. I got answers like "I think dry peeling is more brittle and tends to break cleanly" and "maybe dry peeling is more like little shards?" Confused, I chose to use the "Ask Deborah" link in the Lippmann Collection Footer.

24 hours later I had an answer:

Soft peeling nails bend very easily at the tip so they need strengthening. Dry peeling need hydration only.
Hope this clears is up!

How very cool! If that email (apparently sent from an iphone) is to be believed, Deborah answers her emails personally. This is consistent with other communication I've had off of that site where people have told me to contact Deborah directly. I just never thought it would actually work.

Bravo to Deborah! I see more Lippmann purchase in my future as a result.