Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bergdorf Goodman Spring Must Haves - How Dull

I love it when stores send out "trend" emails because most of the time half of them are a big DUH. In this case, I found them to be a big yawn. Here's what Bergdorf Goodman sent out today on Spring Must Haves:

The Jumpsuit: I was afraid of this. This is your trendy item that will go out of style quickly (I hope)! This to me is probably the biggest surprise of the trends they are showing (or maybe not a surprise but the strangest item). I don't understand why anyone would want to wear this:

Barron Duquette Pristine Cynthia Silk Jumper

It may be silk, but really?!? The bottoms are practically Hammer Pants.

The Ruffled Blouse: This has been around for a few seasons now. I didn't expect this to change for spring because Spring is usually far more feminine than winter or fall (and I don't know about you but ruffled blouses were all over the stores I visited in Dayton during fall and winter... even Spring of 2008).

The Short: It's warmer weather. Of course there are shorts.

The Boyfriend Jacket/Pant: If you look at the page with the jacket/pants in question, I think you'll find they are just "jackets" and "pants". To make them special, they just added the word "boyfriend" to the trend. But I see this as sort of the counterpoint to the Shorts - if there are warmer days, there will be cooler ones and you need something.

The Cardigan: I'm so tired of this! When do Cardi's ever really go out of style? Yes, people don't always focus on them, but nearly every time there's a change from cool weather to warmer weather or warmer weather to cooler weather (think Fall and Spring) Cardigans become the "must have" item, even if it's not explicitly stated. However, this is far more practical than it is an actual trend. I'll be honest - I don't own a ton of cardigans but I've been trying to increase my collection ever since a good friend from that country up north told me that she's far more comfortable when she can layer - and cardigans are the easiest way to do that.