Friday, March 13, 2009

Comparisons: Lancome Piha Black vs. Kat Von D Gunshine

I haven't seen many swatches of Lancome's Piha Black around. Being part of the spring collection, I was a little surprised at this. Plus, I keep hearing it's just flying off the shelves. So if that's the case why haven't I seen swatches? Am I not looking hard enough? Well, I headed to a local Lancome counter and decided to check it out.

I do appologize for the crappy cellphone pics. But we all make due with what we have when we need it, right?

Lancome Piha Black on top, and Piha Black over a Lancome hot pink (as it's been advertized)

I found Piha Black to be a lot more sheer than I wanted it to be. The shimmer was nice when I swatched it alone but I couldn't see it at all when I put it over the hot pink lipstick. Worse, I think it made the hot pink lipstick look a bit like mud.

But I'm a believer - eventually they will have a black gloss that looks awesome. So I decided to swatch it agains Kat Von D's Gunshine.

Kat Von D's Gunshine on top, Lancome's Piha Black on the bottom

Ok, well crappy cellphone pic aside, you can tell Kat Von D's lip gloss is much more sheer than the Lancome. As I recall, the shimmer in both is quite pretty. But if I'm going to pay that much for a gloss (Kat Von D's is $18 at Sephora, Lancome's is $25) I'd go for the Lancome since at least you get some black payoff.

I would love to see how Piha Black looks on someone with a dark skintone. I could see it being quite amazing. But on pale me, I think it failed. So for now I'll look forward to MAC's rumored collection of based on Black in the fall.