Tuesday, March 3, 2009

From The Mouths of Babes: "They aren't shoes, they're Crocks!"

The hair salon is one of the best places to gather stories. My latest trip to Hausfelds in Springboro was no exception. As Genny, my lovely stylist (miracle worker) worked her magic, she told me something that confirmed my suspicions about little children and fashion: Kids are far more stylish than adults. I see them all the time in my neighborhood wearing all the latest "kid" trends. They bridget the gap between spring and winter by donning bright pink jackets, hatts with swirlls of the latest colored yarn, cute boots with their jeans tucked in, their hair pulled back and combed nicer than I ever have combed my hair in my entire life. I totally want to see these kids in 20 years when they start to lose that fashion sense. It will happen, I'm convinced.

Anyway, as Genny told me, she was cutting the hair of cute little 8 year old girl (who wanted to go bald like her father, by the way) when she looked over at the girl's little sister. "Cute shoes," Genny said. The little girl looked right at her and insisted, "They aren't SHOES, they're CROCKS!"

Label love apparently starts earlier than we all realized.

From a completely different point of view I agree: those monstrosities aren't (and shouldn't ever be mistaken for) SHOES! Thank goodness she was so young - I can forgive her for wearing hot pink plastic swiss cheese on her feet.