Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Helmut Lang: Do YOU Want A Hairy Chest?

Sometimes I just don't get what a Designer is going for...

Helmut Lang at Gilt Group

I saw this gem of a Vest by Helmut Lang over at Gilt. Surprise - it was sold out. That I could just not understand at all. It reminded me of Chris March's crazy human hair dresses on Project Runway (dresses, I might add, I would have liked WITHOUT the hairy detail). Thankfully, Helmut Lang used goat hair on this vest, but it's still HAIR and it's LONG. Do I look like I want a hairy chest?

Incidentally, shopping at Forever 21 last weekend with a friend, I saw a purple version of a vest with the same idea in mind. I didn't find that attractive either, even if it was purple.