Sunday, March 1, 2009

HTF Week Ends with China Glaze Moonpool

China Glaze Mooooooooonpooooooool! You have to say it like that because it's just fun. I acquired this one when it was already hard to find in a very wonderful swap. Personally, I have not seen it's equal. I don't usually like greens - this was my first one.

The Color: Moonpool is a very springy green. It reminds me of MAC Springtime Skipper eyeshadow if it were a polish. Some people might describe it as a kelly green.

The Texture: Applies just fine, like most China Glaze. It's opaque at 2 coats and does not apply sreaky.

The Wear: Very very nice (if you're nails aren't peeling like mine are).

The Bottom Line: If you do manage to find this one, you're very very lucky. Snap it up. I doubt you'll see as gorgeous medium green again.