Sunday, March 1, 2009

Konad: One of my latest interests

Ever have a polish that didn't interest you at all? I certainly have. In fact, I probably have more of them than I care to admit to having. One that I will admit to owning is OPI's Aphrodite's Pink Nighty. I am NOT a pink person. I had this one up for swap for a long time in MUA but since it's so common I didn't get any takers. Well, I found a reason to keep it: Konad.

Using my newly acquired Konad plates, stamper, scraper and polish I concoted that little bit of strangeness. It's not the most elegant job, but using a Konad takes practice. Konad is a nail art stamping system that, even though there are a lot of steps involved, takes less time and coordination (and skill) to create some really interesting nail art.

I also created this strangeness (which I loved) using China Glaze DV8 and Konad's black polish:

If you are at all interested in nail art, but don't have the time to hand paint or don't want to pay a manicurist to do it for you then I highly recommend checking Konad out. Here's a how-to video you can watch (don't mind the somewhat creepy "I'm perfect and have a perfect soothing voice" woman).

If decide you want to purchase a Konad system, here are some reputable etailers:
You may also be able to find "Fauxnad" kits at Hot Topic, but that's usually a hit or a miss.

I encourage you to check out some of my fellow blogger's nail polish blogs for other Konad designs (which are MUCH better than mine). They are great inspiration.