Friday, March 13, 2009

Marc Jacobs - Would you buy this?

Image from Gilt Group
A friend and I were browsing Gilt's Marc Jacob sale this week. When she saw this particular item her reaction was "Sold out? Are you kidding me? They could have just taken the curtains off the wall at home and worn those!" At $798 I have to agree, let alone the crazy $5,200 it originally retailed for. That's a LOT of dress! Reminds me a bit of a Toga, really. Additionally, I don't think the model looks all that great here. She looks like she hurt her back and is in pain the way her hand is holding her rear and her foot is all twisted in the front. I want to go help the poor girl and clean her up!

But seriously - when does fashion get silly? Is it silly here? Is this dress so over the top? Is Marc Jacobs in need of his own Tim Gunn to say "You need to take an editing eye to this"? Or is this dress just fabulous?

Perhaps the more interesting question is how you would translate this look to real fashion? Me, I'd lose the asymmetrical top half and pick either black or flowered. And I'd let the poor model get comfortable. What would you do?