Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Musing: Is Anthro on to something?

Every so often Anthropologie starts pushing a trend I'm just confused about. Harem pants are no exception:

Image from Anthropologie's mailer

When I saw this beauty in my email box I nearly spit my water all over my screen. Harem pants? Really? I don't remember seeing those all over the runway, but it's entirely possible I missed something (I usually do). Big billowy pants that are tapered at the ankles.... that's one extra bolt of fabric away from the Hammer Pants of the '80s. And there's the obvious nod to slave girls and male supremacy.

On the other hand, Anthropologie does offer some good suggestions on their website: "Offset billow legs with belted tops that accent your waist." Well, maybe that could work. Plus, it just looks so comfortable and free-flowing. Reminds me of when my husband fell in love with linen pants in the summer a few years back (he was totally against the idea).

So what do you think? Comfy choice or doomed to failure? Would you buy harem pants?