Monday, March 2, 2009

Musings: John Galliano Article in Latest Vogue

I was reading an article in the latest Vogue (the one with Michelle Obama on the cover) that featured a first person account of John Galliano's journey to get to where he is today in the world of fashion. Of course, this was all edited by someone else and I get suspicious when I read at the end of an article "as told by so-and-so" because that always means that someone took the liberty to make (who knows what kind) of edits. But there was a quote in there that struck me: "If you ever do anything, do it to perfection, and surround yourself by like-minded rebels."

Good advice.

But what is meant by "like-minded rebels"? It could mean that he's speaking about people who think the same as him and have the exact same opinions, or it could mean people who are also as dedicated to the same goals you are. Given that he was talking about putting on a show in the timespan of about two weeks in Paris with big name models (Turlington, Campbell, etc) modeling for peanuts I have the feeling he was speaking about goals. After all, you could get a bunch of crap working with people who have the same opinion as you.

Self-indulgent though this article was (what article in Vogue isnt?), I enjoyed reading this article for the quote in particular. Nice.