Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Favorite Eye Shadow Combo - MAC Gleam, Expensive Pink, and Trax

MAC Gleam - I use this color over the entire lid
MAC Expensive Pink - Outer 3rd of the eye, and into the crease.
MAC Trax - Very outer corner and a little bit into the crease.

My favorite eye shadow combination utilizes three MAC eye shadows. Ironically, these are often three shadows I see a lot of people complaining about on Makeup Alley. Maybe I don't understand the frustration because these also happened to be three of my first MAC eyeshadow purchases. For a long time this was my go-to combo for well over my first year of MAC makeup addiction.

Thoughts about these shadows:
  • Trax - Velvet. I've heard complaints about people trying to use Trax, that people don't like it because it makes their eye look bruised. I think this is a gorgeous color, but you have to use it almost sparingly, or rather strategically. Don't give up on Trax!
  • Expensive Pink - Veluxe Pearl. This is the first single shadow I ever purchased from MAC. It gives a LOT of color, a peachy pink, with a bit of gold. I like to soften it with Gleam. If you want a lighter version, go for the Limited Edition French Cuff color put forth with Brunette Blond Redhead collection back in January. The color is still available.
  • Gleam - Lustre. Lustres get a lot of bad word of mouth because they are chunky and not very pigmented. You can get fallout from these too, which can be annoying. That being said, some of them produce nice washes. I think Gleam is one of those. It has a finish that I can only describe as "mystical". It has become one of my favorite peachy color.
I know this is a really messy picture, but that's because I was making it up as fast as I could before I left for work. That and my browse need some work. I do hope it alleviates any fear of these three colors because they are quite gorgeous in conjunction with each other as well as separate.