Monday, March 30, 2009

Nail of the Day - Zoya Juno

Rainy day - forced to take picture indoors. Sadly, indoors every purple bottle pic comes out looking like Chanel Vendetta even thought it's not. Anyway, Juno was another one of my untrides. She's so new to my collection she's not yet on my purple wheel.

The Color: Juno is an interesting color. The bottle looks more of a blue purple, but it goes on the nail differently. Also in the bottle, it almost looks like a duochrome, but don't be fooled - she's a flat color. If you're looking for a duochrome check out Zoya Ki instead (a.k.a Revlon Khaki Zing). But make not mistake - Juno is an electric purple with more of a red base than a blue one.

The Formula - This zoya can get a little streaky because it's a straight up metallic in the chrome - frosty sense.

The Wear - fine. Fights a bit with Seche Vite so expect some tip shrinkage if you don't wrap the tip. Sadly, my nails are just too short to do that right now.

The Bottom Line - With all the purples coming out right now, Juno may not be the most unique. But if you're planning on overloading on purples (like me) she's a good one to have.

You can purchase Juno from Zoya.