Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nail of the Day - Zoya Roxy

When I ordered Zoya Roxy through the Zoya Exchange I was looking for a more easily accessible dupe for Lippmann Collection's Good Girl Gone Bad. I did not find a dupe. But I did find an exceptionally interesting polish.

The Color: Roxy's base is a raspberry-wine color. Mixed in it has fuchsia glitter. I'm happy to say the glitter looks larger in the bottle than it does on the fingers. The combination of the base and the glitter gives this polish a lot of depth, which I'm sorry to say did not show through on this picture.

The Formula: The application was a little streaky. It took some nails 3 coats to make the polish look even. The base sometimes doesn't look even, sometimes the glitter can look sparse. In the end I just did my best. By the way, it should come as no surprise - this is a pain in the a$$ to remove.

The Wear: I'll admit it - after a day of wear I have a few chips. But I think that has to do with my ever peeling nails and less to do with this polish.

The Bottom Line: If you love glitters go for it. If you don't - don't be scared (I was). Roxy is a damn sexy lady.

You can purchase Roxy from Zoya.