Friday, March 27, 2009

Neiman Marcus Highlights Up And Coming Designers

Just something I thought was pretty cool. Needless Markup sent around an email with a link to "emerging talent" collections on their site. Ok. Sure. What I thought what I thought was particularly interesting was one of their highlighted designers was What Comes Around Goes Around who was featured in Ruelala's Final Sale yesterday.

Needless Markup displayed many of WCAGA's peasant style tops:

What Comes Around Goes Around Trillium Top and Neiman Marcus

Rue-la-la's selection was quite different:

What Comes Around Goes Around "Stacy" Mini Dress at Ruelala

How very different these are from each other! I'm getting curious.

The Ruelala sale is still in progress (and will be for 3 more days) and much of WCAGA's items are still available in smaller sizes if you are interested.