Monday, March 2, 2009

New Hair: Blonde and Red!

There's nothing I love more than getting my hair cut. I'm not one of those people who fears it, is worried that they'll get a bad cut, nervous about changing color, etc. It's hair. It grows back. Most of the time, at least.

The only thing I don't like about getting my hair cut is the cost. I go to Hausefelds and the price can be pretty nasty. But I adore my stylist and trust her to do just about anything to my head - I know it'll be decent.

So when I told her I was tired of having "work appropriate" hair and wanted to have some fun with color, she obliged me... and reined me in so I didn't show up with a head looking like a grape:

We colored my hair mostly blond but put in a couple of deep red panels with a pink tint to them on the sides. The paneling was something I've seen on other stylists at the salon (though they've done the dark purple and other fun colors). I thought this was a nice enough compromise between having to be "appropriate" and getting to be "me". I can pull my hair back and from the front, only the blonde will show. The red can be safely tucked away in a pony tail.

In short - this was as close as I could get to doing hair like the dancing chicks in Guitar Hero 3 without feeling too uncomfortable. Someday I hope I get the guts up to go purple panels. Maybe with this economy I'll get the chance to do so - not much traveling out of my office for important meetings in my future after all.