Friday, March 20, 2009

NOTD - China Glaze 100 Proof Pink

I'm not a huge pink fan, but I was inspired to try this one recently. 100 Proof Pink was one of my first China Glaze. This is an old one from the Tequilla Toes collection of 2006. When I did a Google search there were some places (not sure how reputable) that still claimed to carry the collection, but I think this one is considered a Hard To Find.

The Color: Freaking hot pink! Reminds me of he '80s, Barbie and Madonna. The polish base itself is a cream with little glass flecks like the current Summer Days collection. However, this color has very little depth compared to the Summer Days offerings.

The Formula: It took about 2.5 coats to get this polish to be opaque. Once it was opaque it looked like I had just glopped it on. I'm not too fond of it to be honest. It wasn't thick, but it dried looking really thick. Feels a little rubbery almost.

The Wear: When I took this picture I had been through the night and the entire day wearing this polish with very little tip wear, but tip ware nonetheless.

The Bottom Line: I think you have better pinks in the current Summer Days collection so don't waist your time or money tracking this color down unless you just have to have it.