Thursday, March 5, 2009

NOTD - OPI DS Glamour

The MUA nail board decided to wear blue nail polish Thursday March 5th in honor of colorectal cancer awareness. I had no idea blue was the color for that, but I guess if it's a cause then it has to have a color. Going through my untried polishes, this is what I came up with:

You have no idea how hard OPI DS Glamour is to capture, especially in Ohio overcast weather. This is a picture taken under bad flourecent lighting in a cubical.

Color: DS Glamour is one of the holo polishes in the Glamour series (I learned recently not all of the DS series have holo to them - DS Fantasy I'm thinking of you!). The holo is actually visible in normal room lighting but not strongly as it is in the sun. The color, as you can see, is a deep medium blue.

The Texture: I love the Designer Series because they give you shimmer-holo goodness without any rough spots. The polish goes on smooth and is quite glossy with a nice top coat.

The Wear: With a good base coat and a good top coat the DS series will stay on for quite some time. They are similar to glitters in that respect.

The Bottom Line: You like the color and you like holos snatch it up. This one is getting reasonably hard to find. I believe I found mine at TransDesign.