Thursday, March 12, 2009

NOTD - Zoya Casey

This polish is one of my favorite polishes. I ordered it in my first order to Zoya several years ago. I haven't worn it in a long time because I have been trying others in my collection. But my nails are in such horrible condition I'm inspired to go back to older, more comfortable colors. Casey is one of those for me. It was my first "Vampy" polish. This was well before Zoya created other deep dark shades like Raven.

The Color: Casey is a deep plum, almost black. It has many dupes and near twins. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is one that comes to mind (oddly enough, I didn't like that one and swapped it away). Casey is absolutely one of my favorite not-quite-black polishes.

The Formula: This polish is a bit of a hybrid between a jelly and a cream depending on how many coats you have. I took this picture at 3 coats. I find doing less than three I can have streaky or inconsistently pigmented nails. It takes work to get this polish color to look good.

The Wear: One of the reasons I return to Casey when my nails are in bad condition is because it wears well for me. That means I can get at least two days of good wear out of it before I have to change it.

The Bottom Line: Casey is a good polish to get in the Zoya Exchange program. Don't go out of your way if you have a dupe unless you like Zoya polish more than the formula of your dupe.

You can purchase Zoya Casey from their website.