Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NOTD - Zoya Tangy

Happy St. Patrick's Day, readers! Or rather, I hope it's been a happy one. Here's my green contribution to the Nail Polish Lovers of the world: Zoya Tangy. I wanted to wear something I hadn't worn before. That was definitely Tangy.

The Color: Gold-green neon. This is probably the only day of the year I can wear this on my tips and no one will look at me funny. Much more of a toes color, in my opinion. The neon comes out in different light. As you can see, in the morning sun it's not THAT neon.

The Formula: I was a little disappointing in the formula. Zoyas are usually really nice application-wise and for a bit of a watery polish, this was good, just not great. It took three coats for me to get a uniform opacity. I'm more of a fan of two coat polishes. Took a little longer to dry as a result.

The Wear: Not bad.

The Bottom Line: Fun polish to have but you can skip it. It's hard to wear and you probably won't wear it often, unless you wear seriously "out there" polishes on an every day basis.

You can purchase Zoya Tangy from their website. 

On a side note, I once made polish color by putting MAC Golden Olive pigment into clear polish and called it "Jabba the Haute". Tangy is like Jabba's younger, cooler sibling:

Sarah's Creation - "Jabba the Haute"