Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quest for MY Pretty: Weekly Weight Loss Report

Holy crap! I'm actually on target to meet my goal running-wise! I totally didn't think I would be because I was forced to use the evil goose-stepping Cybex machine a few times (it's harder to go as far in the same length of time as on a traditional elliptical)

197 - Sadly nothing lost. But no gain! It WILL come off at some point!

What I did right this week: Much better on the workout this week. Started using the elliptical at work and at home. Because my elliptical at home does not have a distance calculator, I had to extrapolate based on strides per mile. I am using a strides per mile amount I found on the internet for an elliptical: 2241 strides per mile. I have no idea if it's accurate.

What I want to improve on next week: I think I need to work on food a bit. My husband pointed out that I was eating more at dinner when eating out than I usually do. That could be due to the extra exercise, but it's probably hindering what benefit I'm getting from the elliptical.

The Tickers:

Felt the need to add an inspirational image of clothing :

Catherine Malandrino that was on sale on Gilt this week

Feel free to report YOUR personal progress in the comments. Link to your blog if you have one.