Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quest for MY Pretty: Weekly Weight Loss Report

At some point, the weight is going to come off! I don't see how someone can more than double their exercise and not see a benefit.

A note on my scale: I don't always trust my scale. It's digital. And it's funky. It also does not display any fractions of a pound (no decimal places). But to a certain extent I don't care about that. Does a tenth of a pound really matter?

194 Yay!

What I did right this week: Did well on the workout again. Even walked the block a few times with my husband. Best of all, on Tuesday I ran a pair of miles back to back at under 11 minutes each! It's hard to believe I used to run 7 min 30 sec miles back in middle school and high school. I'm a far cry from that but it's improvement from the 12 minute miles I was running!

What I want to improve on next week: Stretching. And Chocolate. Chocolate was my downfall this week. Darn cadburry eggs. And Ice Cream sandwiches.

The Tickers: