Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shopping - Latest Purchase from Ruelala

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday!

I took this picture while I was shopping at Anthropologie in case you're wondering why I'm in a dressing room. The graphic tee is from Lucky, purchased off of Ruelala. I was in the mood for a cool graphic tee, had a $20 credit, and low and behold they had my size. I'm as happy as a clam!

Incidentally, a friend of mine attempted to translate the shirt for me though she speaks Chinese not Japanese and said that the writing on my shoulder is a Budist prayer, saying something about being Budist and meditation. That's pretty cool. I expected it to say something like "Fried Chicken" since we westerners tend to be rediculous about wearing writing in other languages without any idea what it says. But I wouldn't care - I thought the shirt was pretty. And if it did say something like fried chicken, then I guess the joke's on me.