Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trends: Thigh High Boots And Watchmen's Silk Spectre II

I did not think when I went to see The Watchmen this weekend that I would be thinking about fashion trends when I saw it. But oddly, though the "present" in the movies was actually a fictional past, Ms. Laurie Jupiter sported a possible coming trend for fall highlighted by Flypaper in their post Thigh-High Boots: Will You Be Wearing Them?

Here's Flypaper's example:

Image from Flypaper

Here's The Silk Spectre II:

Image found vial Google Image Search at EVO: World Domination Diary

(no, I have no idea what that Diary is about - I didn't read it, I just got the image)

Malin Akerman is sporting some serious footwear there. I don't think it's actually a shoe and stalkings like what Carla Gugino wore as Silk Spectre I. You can see that the boot appears to go all the way up the leg and hooked via garter here:

Image from

One clear difference between the styles shown on Flypaper were the looseness of the boot. Attached garders aside, I daresay SSII's boots would be a little more practical. I prefer the Silk Stalking II's boot if only because it resembles a heavy duty skin-tight thigh high instead of something you'd wear on that 6th grade trip to the pond to find microorganisms in the muck.

I've often dreamed of being able to have the legs to wear these types of boots. Much to my husband's chagrin, my legs are not long enough. But I'll still admire them on people who can wear them - so long as they don't look like like I'm ready to go out fly fishing.

Perhaps the popularity of the Watchmen will fuel the trend. I know that would make my husband happy. In the mean time, because I'm a woman of the short-legged variety, I'll stick to my knee highs and wear them with pride.