Friday, March 6, 2009

Update on the Fluevog Saga

A while back I posted about a dream I had about a pair of red patent leather Fluevogs. What I didn't say was that I actually did call the Chicago store and talked to a wonderful woman who told me that yes indeed they did have the Audreys in the store but sadly they were on hold for someone who was returning a pair of shoes for them. She said it had been a while so she wasn't sure she they were actually going to be returned or exchanged. If the person didn't want them anymore they would gladly sell the stunning Audreys to me. She said she would call the next day.

She did not call.

Several weeks go by, no call. So I decided today to go and call the store again. This is strange for me because I'm actually quite phone phobic and always feel like I'm pestering retail personelle when I call with questions. Anyway, I spoke with a wonderful person named Kyle who took one look at how long the size 9 Audreys had been on hold and said "That's way too long. Do you want them?" YES!!! OMG YES!!! His response: "Welcome to the club. They're yours baby."

They will get sent out on Monday. Hopefully they fit! I will update with pics when they actually arrive.