Monday, March 30, 2009

Wedding Help - Blue Dresses For Kara

I have a very good friend who's getting married. She's a reader of this blog named Kara. Kara has been a good friend of mine since grad school. She was a maid of honor in my wedding, and now we also work together.

When Kara stood up in my wedding, I tried to make the dress shopping easy: I chose a line of dresses, chose a color, and told all the girls they could chose whatever they wanted (style was up to them). Poor Kara ordered her dress according to what the salon people wanted her to order and it came in too small. She was able to get it let out, but it ruined the wedding for her. She looked spectacular by the way, but I don't think she ever really realized this because she hated the dress due to the problems. I think we both thought this would be the last of her problems with dresses and weddings. We were wrong.

Kara's dress for her wedding just arrived and guess what - it's too small. Once again, she ordered the size recommended by the bridal salon according to her measurements and once again something wasn't right. Because all her measurements matched up to the original measurements taken the bridal salon is ordering her another dress. But just in case Kara is hunting for a back up dress. I offered to scout out options for her.

Normally, I love white or off-white for weddings, but Kara needs some fun with huge nightmare. Kara LOVES the color Blue. So I poked around in Bluefly's Wedding Shop for blue. Kara's olive skin tone looks amazing in jewel tones so I pulled a few ideas for her.

Kara, enjoy! This one's for you:

Tadashi Priced at $315

The Tadashi reminds me of a different dress Kara was considering. I think the bodice work will hide too much of her beautiful figure, but it's also a style I know she likes. She's a small girl - I don't want the dress to overwhelm her.

Betsey Johnson priced at $192

Nanette Lapore Priced At $297

Tocca Priced at $192
By the way Kara, this one would be great for your reception with the possibility of reuse.

Regardless of what happens, I know Kara's going to be ok. I hope she gets the wedding dress she ordered in time because it really did look fabulous on her when she tried it on. But just in case, I'm hear for you girl!