Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Shopping - Trip to Anthropologie

Rule #1 about shopping at Anthropologie: Bypass the entire store and head to the sales section. Look there first. Think of it like eating your green leafy vegitables before anything else on your plate. You'll be happy later when you do.

Anthropologie is always hit or miss for me, not just because they have some crazy-funky designs, but because I'm a large girl. They definitely do not cater to large girls. However, I can occasionally find a sweater or a shirt that fits. Pants, it's a good idea if I just avoid them. Dresses are another matter because some designers I can fit into (though they tend to look maternity on me due to my belly - I'm looking at YOU Moulinette Souers). I got lucky this trip - everything fit that I tried on, some better than others. Here we go!

Volume is something I see a lot of these days. A friend of mine just went to Forever 21 to pick up some items for a Vegas trip and came back with a ton of bubble shirts. The thought is terrifying to me - I don't want to look larger. But I tried this shirt on anywayat the insistance of my friend who grabbed it because of the color. We agreed the color looked great on me (particularly with my hair), but at the $49 price (on sale!) I just couldn't justify it. I sadly also do not remember the designer.

Ella Moss Shirt

A nice rack is a terrible thing to waste, but not when the neckline is awkward. There was a time where I'd buy any shirt because it showed off the girls (about my only remaining somewhat decent bodily feature). This time I think I was wise at leaving the (incredibly soft!) Ella Moss at the store.

Ric Rac Shirt
Ah ha! Success! A shirt that is bright and springy and has some nifty details like smocking around the neckline and hem as wellas nifty tiny buttons! I did purchase this Ric Rac shirt at around $30. Here's a detail:
Rick Rac Shirt Detail

I also tried on this one, incredibly awesome, sweater... but sadly it didn't fit well enough to show you:

Sleeping on Snow Sweater
Sleeping on Snow always has very interesting sweaters. Usually, they are very tasteful too. This one I remember seeing on the Ravelry Anthropologie group boards (the wonderful members were disecting it to see how someone might be able to duplicate it). Naturally, I just had to try it. Sadly, it was not meant to be.

However, this does bring me to my favorite part of every Anthropologie trip: What the Heck Were They Thinking?!?!

Sweater by Moth

Admitedly, this could have been a lot worse. The color is actually quite gorgeous. But the whole idea reminded me of those horrible choir robes I had to wear as a child. I'm not at all a fan of the built in shrug idea going on here. It's actually quite awkward. Here's a picture from the side:
As you can see, the sweater didn't really fit me. But worse, the sleeves that were created by the shrug thing just didn't work. The design element extends all around the back, around both shoulders, and buttons in the front. The result is that if it's not laying right in one location, it's not laying right anywhere. Basically, you CAN NOT move your arms once you have this sweater on or it'll start to bunch up in the back and make you look like the Raspberry colored Hunchback of Notre Dame. I am not a fan, Moth - you can do better!

So, I left Anthro with my Ric Rac shirt and a pair of flower bobby pins for my punky hair cut. I didn't go over board and consider it a successful hunt. My shopping partner, however, left empty handed. Better luck next time Sumo!