Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Visit to Sak's Off Fifth Produces Amazing Find - Jason Wu

When I'm good, I'm apparently really good!

Loyal Reader and friend Sumo and I decided to take a trip to the Saks Off Fifth in Cincinnati this weekend. Sumo warned me it wasn't a great outlet, but we hoped we could find something. We struck gold.

We were looking through racks for formal and semi formal wear dresses. I had long given up on finding something for myself and was focusing on looking for things for Sumo to try on just for fun. Hidden among the racks of BCBG leftovers, I found a very cute deep purple dress (I love purple) in a six 6. I looked at the label: Jason Wu. I begged Sumo to try it on, even though the tag said $500 + dollars and she's usually a size 4 (well, a size 4 in everything not by a "designer"). Sumo tried it on and, guess what - it fit:

Please forgive Sumo for trying this on over her jeans

Check out the cute asymmetry of the back.
The dress was truly gorgeous. Sumo hemmed and hawed over not having anything to wear it for (come on, her husband lives in San Francisco - surely she can find a reason out there). Then there's the price tag... but wait, it's 40% off this weekend! Suddenly the dress becomes affordable. I convince her to take it to checkout and see what it rings up as: a very reasonable $134.99.


Now here's the very interesting thing - the dress, at original retail price was $2600. So that's getting a Jason Wu dress at a 95% discount. And the style and color were perfect for Sumo.

Mother of the Cthulhu, I think that's the frakking find of the century. Sumo would have passed right over the dress had I know pulled it off the rack for her. I probably just spent all my Good Hunting In Outlets Karma there.

I doubt I'll ever get that lucky again. Good thing Sumo was there to take advantage of my luck.

Now why a dress like that would ever be upwards of $2600 originally I totally will never understand. The dress ended up being from the Fall 2007 Jason Wu collection.