Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What do you do when you can't "invest in quality"?

Be forewarned, this is a bit of a rant.

I was reading a recent Flypaper post that discussed Michelle Obama "re-purposing" her clothing. Flypaper thought this was a very cool thing for the first lady to do because it's just like us (though admittedly I have a problem wearing dresses more than once, though sometimes this has to do with weight issues). If she wore these more than once she must like them and they must be of good quality right? As most Flypaper articles do, this turned into an advertisement for all the wonderful clothing on Bluefly - Flypaper is their blog after all. Their point - you can buy high quality expensive designers on Bluefly at 40% off, therefore we should do just that.

But what if you can't afford to invest in quality (or maybe I should say Bluefly)?

Those Jimmy Choos they are selling (and are of course referring to) still cost around $600. And while the blog says that you can shop designer at 40% off every day that doesn't mean everything Even at 40% off that price would still be high for most of us. Add that too to the idea that for many of us, those shoes aren't even practical. Try as I might I can't get my balance in 4 inch heels - and try I really do! So would I really wear those more than once? Because apparently Flypaper calls it re-purposing when Michelle Obama wears that pair of shoes, that twinset, that skirt twice. Twice worn does not a favorite pair of shoes make!

So what do you do?

If you're like me you sign longingly at what you can not afford and then go back to the same, " lower quality" clothing and shoe lines that you can just get by with. For me that means The Gap and Nine West. Usually I go back there to replace what wore out from several months ago, or replacing what I gave away to a friend because I can no longer fit into. It's a vicious cycle. I would bet I am not alone. And maybe Flypaper has a point. With the money I spend on Gap Jeans replacing them all the time, would I actually save money by buying a pair of True Religions (hypothetically - I can't fit into True Religions)?

Weight issues aside, would I really stop spending as much because my clothing lasted longer if I purchased from Bluefly? Probably not - habits are hard to break and I like to shop.

Me, I would rather know what pair of shoes Mrs. Obama is wearing when she's not being photographed, when she's just walking around being Michelle - the pair of shoes that she wears more than twice. I suspect those are the higher value because it isn't a pair of green Jimmy Choos.

By all means, Jimmy prove me wrong and send me a pair. I dare ya.