Monday, March 16, 2009

"Window" Shopping: Narciso Rodrigues - Gorgeous Dresses

I've heard Narciso Rodriguez mentioned a lot recently, mostly in conjunction with Michelle Obama and her style choices. So when Guilt Group had a Narciso Rodriquez sale today I had to check it out even though there was no way a) I'd ever fit into one of these creations, and b) even if I could it would still be far too expensive for me even on sale. That being said, had these roadblocks not been factors, I did find a couple of items I thought were particularly beautiful:

Satin Colorblock X-back Dress on Gilt

This beautiful purple dress just had me dying to be a size 8 again. It reminded me of that colorblock trend that we've had going on for several years now crossed with sort of a whimsical style you might see by ballet inspired pieces.
Silk Chifon Assymetrical Hem X-Back Dress on Gilt

Yeah I know, I'm not being drawn to somethign all that different here, but what can I say. These two dresses have me loving the crossing straps in the back style. The way the design was made in this also reminded me a bit of Battlestar Galactica's Number 6 and her red dress but with a playful hemline.

Silk Embroidered Bust Cami Gown on Gilt

This reminds me of some of the best stuff I've seen on Project Runway. I'm not sure if that's a good thing for Narciso Rodriguez (that I'm thinking of a show for the semi-pros and amatures and comparing dresses) but there you go. I love the drab color but more importantly, you have to see the back:

Back of Silk Embroidered Bust Cami Gown on Gilt

I may be a bit limited in what I've seen out there, but I don't think backs of dresses come much cooler than that!

Anyway, nothing profound to say, just thought I'd share the beauty.