Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Biotin Chronicals - Outlook still bleak

So I figured I'd check on on my nails and their issues. I've been taking Biotin 3000mcgs a day for a month now. Still tons of chipping. So I decided to try a few other things as well.

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Base Coat - $8.29 at Wallgreens
This product is supposed to build stronger nails in 3 Days. Well, I tried it for two weeks and my nails were still peeling. However it was a nice base coat before Orly Bonder and that combo toegher held my polish on longer with fewer chips than any other I've tried this year.

So I switched base coats again to...

Lippmann Collection Rehydrating Base Coat - $16
I decided to try this after I asked a question on the Lippmann website about dry peeling nails and week peeling nails. Deborah responded to me from her blackberry (assuming it was her) - the answer lead me to believe I have dry peeling nails. Well, her treatment didn't work as well as Sally Hansen Miracle Cure on me. At twice the price, I will not be repurchasing.

So poor chippy/peely me will have to try some other options. :(