Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dinner Outfit- Take Two: Haven't I heard of Shapers?

Wow, I'm having issues lately!

A week after I had dinner with my husband at The Melting Pot, we went back to The Melting Pot with my parents. Yay! Another opportunity to try the skirt-thing!

DKNYC Skirt, Banana Republic (I think) Top, Style & Co. Shoes

The Shoes from above:

Style & Co. Shoes with China Glaze L8r G8r Polish
(Got these from my mom, by the way - she was not happy with them)

Ok, here are my thoughts on what I did wrong:
  1. No shapewear- As much as I hate it, I need it with clingy shirts like this.
  2. The shirt in general - I love the color, but it's way too long to go with this skirt.
  3. The Skirt - It's pretty but it's not sitting right. I need to pull it down in the back. Could be my caboose is just too large.
  4. The Shoes - The wrap thing is the wrong style for me right now. I needed to not draw attention to my legs. I get points on the fun pedi color though.

What I would do to improve:

  1. Wear a shorter shirt
  2. Stand up straight
  3. Wear "scary stomach-holding-in panties" (Thank you, Bridget Jones)