Friday, April 3, 2009

Fringe on Bags? Do you like it?

I am sure this is a total coincidence, but maybe someone can tell me out there if it is becoming a "trend". I received an email mailer on April 1 from Bergdorf Goodman where they were highlighting some new "Spring Exotics". The featured item on the mailer was a Carlos Falchi bag:

Carlos Falchi Fringed Hobo At Bergdorf Goodman

My first thought was "Wow that's not that pretty.". My second thought was "I would get that fringe stuck in my zipper". Third thought was, of course, "My cat Oberon would LOVE that bag!"

Now, on the same day, Gilt had a sale for Katherine Kwei bags. There was a theme in terms of the style of these bags. I'll give you three guesses what it was. You won't need two of them:

Katherine Kwei Bag on Gilt

The biggest difference, I think, between these bags is that the Kwei style appears to have the fringe attached at the bottom in some way. Take a look at this example:

Katherine Kwei Zara Bag on Gilt

I would argue that the Katherine Kwei Bags have a more practical approach to fringe on a bag, however I also think they are starting to resemble what my husband likes to refer to as "mop dogs".

Image from MyPetPlace Blog

So was my observation just a coincidence? Is this a trend? Have you seen any other examples fringe adorned bags lately?