Thursday, April 9, 2009

Garment Structure - Funky Dresses at Anthropologie

I know absolutely nothing about garment construction, just to be pefectly clear. Every time I've ever tried to make my own dress it's turned out a nightmare. But ever since Leanne won Project Runway, I've been curious about designers doing interesting things with garment structure and just making interesting design choices in favor of doing something different. I've also noticed it picking up steam at Anthropologie. Here are a few pieces I saw on their website while I was browsing the other day. What do you think?

The Bungalow Dress by Tracy Reese

This one is interesting to me because of the mixing and matching with the fabrics. While this isn't really new concept, it's still sort of cool and unexpected. If you go to Anthropologie's website you can see a picture of it on someone. I thought it actually looked quite decent, though a little shorter than it looks on the dress form. I was a bit surprised at this because at first glance I thought the dress was a little crazy on the construction side (the colors and fabric chosen are actually quite subdued). Retails for $278, by the way.

The Orquidea Dress by Zachary Smile

I looked up "Orquidea" on Google - I think it's "Orchid" in either Spanish or Portuguese (maybe both). Anyway, like the flower, I think this dress is really interesting and different from other dresses out there right now. It also reminds me a little bit of Tommy Lee Jones playing Two-Face in Batman Forever - one half doing one thing, the other half doing something else entirely. They never got a chance to let Aaron Eckart has Harvey Dent make such bold fashion choices. Interestingly enough, the petals on the side of the dress don't seem to stand out quite as much on the model.

The Wilcox Dress by Anna Sui

I'll be honest with you - I've been eying this dress for a few weeks now because it is really doing some strange stuff. When I saw the asymmetry in the hem, I thought this looked like a country fair reject. But I love the pattern in the fabric. I'm not too sure about the bow on the side of the dress, but I have the feeling if this one were to be worn by the right girl it could be quite flirty and fun. Ok, I admit - this dress isn't doing much with structure. But I had to include it anyway because it has me a bit confused, especially since the retail price is a whopping $568.

By the way, Anthroplogie is having one giant sale right now. Check it out!