Monday, April 27, 2009

The Great Summer Shoe Hunt - Knockoff Wish List

Dear Shoe Fairy,

I have to believe you exist because it's going to take something extra special to satisfy me this summer. Since I can't fit into really nice clothing, I have to settle for fitting into really nice shoes. I'm so glad you sent my lovely Fluevog Audrey's (a.k.a. Jessica Rabbits) to me and the Chinese Laundry "Love Me" shoes (Sierra's Shoes from Dollhouse) but after my heartbreak over the loss of my Nanette Lapore Heartbreakers I'm stumped. Please help me out by creating Knockoffs of the following shoes:

Prada Flat Sandal at Neiman Marcus $330

I really thought it would be easy to find a shoe like this. So simple... But I can't find any metallic blue flat like this (particularly one that doesn't have one of those awful toe straps I can't stand). Yes, I know there's no arch support but wouldn't they just be so gorgeous on the feet?

Miu Miu Sequin Slide at Neiman Marcus $685

I'll admit, I'm probably only interested in this shoe because of the sequins and my steadfastness in NOT buying one of the Rescue Beauty Lounge new glitter polishes. But how cute are these? Jeans, pants... I could see these with either. I'm not much of a skirt/dress wearer at the moment, but maybe there could be something fun to put with these. Fun shoe deserves a fun dress! But I need something way cheaper.

Burberry Crisscross Ankle Wrap Sandal at Neiman Marcus - $695

You know when you see a shoe and say "Wow - that's something special"? Well that's this shoe for me. This was the first summer shoe I lusted after. To be honest, I'm not sure what I like about it. It's super dark blue, the heel is higher than God... but the heel looks like it really means business and there's the corset- like lace up detail in the back. Ok... yeah, that's why I love it so much. It's a bit like Classy Dominatrix Shoes, which I think is sort of funny. If Buffy The Vampire Slayer had these shoes she wouldn't need wooden stakes.

Manolo Blahnik Metalic Sandal at Neiman Marcus - $815

These shoes are LOVE! I never really understood the appeal of Manolos until I saw these. Of course, it's metalic and it's purple. That's a double threat to me! But the price... no. I can not even think of that. I'll admit, though... it's a tie for me which I'd want knockoffs of more: this or the Burberry. But I'll settle for either. Maybe both? Please? I know it's a bit plain, but it's METALLIC PURPLE.

Honestly, Shoe Fairy, it's a toss up - I'd like a really good knock off of either the Burberry or the Manolos the most. I'm sure you have a preference. I can't wait to see the knockoffs, but make them come soon, ok? They will restore my faith in shoe purchases and help me heal from the Heartbreaker heartache.

Oh and if you ever talk to the Polish Fairy, tell her to make Zoya create more polishes like Rea. Thanks!


This post is inspired by reader scorchabeanrmt, with whom I've been chatting about shoes recently.